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  1. Gameplay wise i'd say the whole turn based battle system had to grow on me , when i played my first jrpg i had no idea what the hell i was supposed to do, meanly due to the language barrier but overtime as my english got better and i became a little older i started getting more and more into jrpg's. (Overly long) tutorials also grew on me, sure some can be annoying but they are there to teach the basics of the game and explain the controls. Especially now that we don't get manuals with our physical games anymore i'd say i've started to appreciate them more and more.
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you exactly mean by your questions, are you talking about games that ended with a cliffhanger or/and games that ended and left you with more questions then answers? please elaborate @StaceyPowers
  3. Currently fairly close to hitting 150k gamerscore myself, but the hunt and motivation went away for achievements as soon i hit 100k a few years back. If i diden't have to change gamertags because my girlfriend at the time paid for xbox live so i let her keep the id we both shared after we broke up, i'd probably have way more then that but eh it's just a number to me these days. It's so easy to boost your score if you're down with playing shit game after shit game these days that it doesen't even feel like an accomplishment anymore. Microsoft and sony really need to start thinking about overhauling their achievement and throphy system alltogether. There are two that always stuck with and that is in a game called Bullet witch where you would get 1 gamerscore for beating the game on hell mode which would unlock after you beat the game, by then you pretty much had every other achievement bar that 1 gamerscore, always tought that was a funny one. The other being in lollipop chainsaw where you had to try and look under the skirt of juliet if successfull you would unlock 5 gamerscore. Usually the best achievements are where you have to go out of your way to do something weird or achievements that encourage you to play in different styles that the gameplay has to offer.
  4. I don't know but i'd rather go out for a walk or go to a restaurant together but first i'd like to get to know the person in question a little better if possible online wheter they are something for me or not and share somewhat similair interests you also avoid a lot of potential disappointment not for yourself but also the other person involved. Like i know it's narrowminded of me to say but somebody who smokes or is vegan or has 3 kids already would likely not work very well in my case and i'd probably pass on them as potential dating material.
  5. From nostalgia my favourite would be the first sonic game but the game gear or master system version. It doesen't have the same bells and whistles as the mega drive version but damn they did an incredible job with these ports and they still hold up very well to this day. Infact all the master system and game gear sonic games are classics imo (well not sonic drift but that is a spin off). Offcourse the Mega drive version is the version to play but i only played that one years later. I feel like sonic colours not the wii or recent remaster but the ds version is often overlooked and imo can stand it's own against the hey days when sonic was still relevant as it's classic Sonic goodness at it's finest.
  6. Tetris and Puyo Puyo or the two combined would be my number one pick, because just when you are on a roll things are about to get frustrating and at some point in the game when you have to battle someone. You have to be either extremely good or have all the luck in the world. Also rhythm games can frustrate me to no end, which i always was under the impression that rhythm games should be a relaxing experience. Maybe the whole management game genre would not be out of this place in this thread either, just when you think you are finally doing well. Things are about to take a turn and go south which makes them also quite frustrating imo.
  7. Let's add Mario sports games into the mix aswell, since these are just a repeat and quite frankly a shell of their former selves, Mario golf and tennis were cool on the n64, gamecube and maybe the wii but these days on switch you are expecting a little more especially single player wise these games seem to have come to a stop. I Haven't played the new released Mario strikers but i bet it's not going to top the one on the gamecube. I know things with mario on it are going to sell like hot cakes but why pay full price for a arcade sports title when you can have Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 which is a much better and cheaper alternative then any of the mario sports stuff that i've played in the past 10 years orso. No imo the Mario sports titles have lost it's magic a long time ago.
  8. After reading the topic title again i just gotta mention some games where you play as an animal, probably the most funny one would be Untitled Goose Game man causing havoc with an out of controle goose never get's old. I already mentioned Endling : extinction is forever but have yet to play it myself but from reviews it's supposed to be good. Another one that could be off possible interest is the Good Life set in a small english village where you can morph into a cat or dog, haven't played much myself yet but from what i've played looks to be promising to say the least. It's made by Swery65 the main man behind Deadly premonition so it can't possible be bad now can it. I backed the kickstarter for this. Also we just gotta mention Tokyo jungle released on the ps3, goddamn one of the weirdest survival games you'll ever going to play, if you find the time looks up some gamplay footage and you'll know what i'm talking about. Don't know if you can still buy it from the ps store but if not it also got released physical on psn compilation disc.
  9. Seems like i'm late to the party as chrono cross, radiant historia and zelda ocarina of time have already been mentioned. But where is Earthbound, anybody? Couple of others i can think are the steins gate visual novels, Steins; gate elite got an english release but there are a couple othere out there atleast on the japanese 360 no idea if those got an english release or not but probably not since i never heard of it. Probably the best game that can possible be mentioned here that you probably never heard of that includes time travel is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim you go as far as the 2105. It's a really good game well worthy of your time, it's made by vanillaware so you know it's going to be good. It got released recently on switch aswell which may be the best platform to play it on. Obviously Back to the future : the game by Telltale would be a no brainer aswell and what about the socalled blockbuster Xbox one exclusive Quantum break which time seems to have forgotten. Also let's not forget that Dishonored 2 had a bloody brilliant time travel mechanic in the Stilton Manor level where you pick up a device that takes you back 3 years in time, you can use it to your advantage to kill enemiers are avoid them all together. Also feels like we should give Titanfall 2 and it's exellent campaign a shout out, where you can warp between times in certain levels to position yourself or reach a certain platfomr, been a while since i've played it but as far as my oppinion counts Titanfall 2 has one of the best single player campaings in any fps. Couple of older titles titles that are worth mentioning would be the Prince of persia reboot by ubisoft in the mid 2000's well until the first ac game came out where you had the Dagger of time that you could use to your advantage. Who remembers microsoft attempt back in the day at creating an official mascot with the duo of Blinx: the time sweeper games. A last one i feel like mentioning that includes time travel that i personally have found memories off is Shadow of Memories by konami, i played the game back in the day and was really blown away by it, it probably got me exited because the reviewer mentioned the game was a darker version of shenmue and that probably got me sold on the game, not sure that would work in todays world tough. It also got a release on psp years later, while i own it like so much other games never got around to it.
  10. I doubt it's even feasible due to several licensing issues and companies going bust over time and who owns what license to what game. It would be a pain in the ass to make it even work and get something decent on the system. Take something like tony hawk pro skater 3 imo would be a must to put onto a ps2 classic, the only problem is Microsoft owns the tony hawk franchise now, needless to say you also have the licensed music to deal with. Gran turismo a staple sony franchises also not going to work to put on there for the very same reasons. Needless to say a lot of the good ps2 games like jak and daxter, metal gear solid, sly cooper and ico and shadow of the collusus and rachet & clank just to name a few have had Hd collections on ps3. Like are you going to put the ps2 versions on a ps2 classic or the hd versions? It would be much easier for sony to just re-release these collections on ps5 like slab them on a disc again and sell them for 30-40 bucks and you no doubt have a winner on your hand (again). If i had to choose woulden't mind having the hd versions of both dark cloud games on one disc come on sony make it happen.
  11. I've got games that i bought nearly 20 years ago that are still sealed, as a collector i'll admit 95% of what i buy is like, eh we will get around to eventually but deep down inside i know that will likely never happen. I know it's hard to justify offcourse but i've always enjoyed owning the games equally as playing them, like i have the games on my shelf i can play it whenever i feel like vibe. For modern titles that i really want to play i'm usually a year behind orso as i tend to always feel screwed when playing a game on or close after launch.
  12. I'm going to nominate @Justin11 it should be worth mentioning that his posted have improved a lot lately especially if you look at the sports section, hopefully this nominaton will be a motivation that you don't need to make 30+ posts a day to be a good contributor to the vgr forums. Also would if it's allowed, like to give @Shagger a shout out and thank you for taking the time to explain how the moderating tools work.
  13. @Withywarlock Major reason being is that japanese people prefer using japanese brands rather then buying products from a western brand. Compare it a bit with cars, while they are around, you won't find many european and american makes of cars in japan and the ones that are usually on the more expensive side in other words cars not a whole lot of people can afford. You could say Windows is doing fine over there but the computers windows is running on is 99,9% of the time going to be on computer from a japanese manufacturer. Obviously microsoft diden't really try anymore with the xbox one, where the original xbox had Shin Megami Tensei: Nine alongside some highly experimental games like N.u.d.e and Dennou Taisen: DroneZ just to name a few exclusives. Microsoft really tried hard to push the 360 in japan in it's early days with games like blue dragon, infinite undiscovery, lost odyssey were all decent exclusives and tales of vesperia was also exclusive for a good time on the 360. To others, incuding myself the japanese 360 was a haven for traditional shooters. On the xbox one however you didn't have any of that, of the few japanese exclusive games there are were also released on other platforms. The only game that comes to my mind that is still an exclusive game is Azito x Tatsunoko Legends. I'm not really a fan of game pass because as a collector it takes away physical sales and if you ask my oppinion on gamepass it's just a glorified rental service but that is just my oppinion. No what microsoft should do is getting more japanese games on their platform not only exclusives tough, okay they finally got it that persona is a big deal and why the 5th game was so long exclusive to playstation i still don't get it. But games like the atelier series or take it the tecmo koei rpg's in general are not on xbox consoles give tecmo koei and for that matter smaller companies like Nis a sack of cash and convince them to release on xbox aswell that way you not only take away potential exclusives from other platforms but you also keep gamers who rather play their games on xbox on your platform. Like Ni no kuni why aren't both games on xbox. Offcourse having a genre defining Jrpg or something that would cater to a japanese audience would also help a lot in sales over in japan but i doubt microsoft is even interested in doing that.
  14. Exellent choice @DC and @Shagger and offcourse i would like to extend my congratulations to @Withywarlock welcome aboard man.
  15. Microsoft has never been able to get a foothold in the japanese/asian market they tried hard with the og xbox and even harder with the xbox 360. But Whenever they released the xbox one it seems like they have given up alltogether, the last time i visited japan the xbox one slim model just came out and was being sold as a 4k blu-ray player, oh yeah it also plays games but why do you want to do that right. My point being is that take that market out and console sales will be much closer because as it stands now sony and nintendo have the entire asian market pretty much to themselves. Surely the head honchos at the xbox division have taken note that doing your own thing as a console manufacturer works, doing something different then sony is actually working pretty well for microsoft so far. It's like they finally get it that they can't beat sony at their own game and have accepted that. Obviously the shortage of ps5 consoles also worked into microsoft's favour because it's certain a bunch of people have jumped ship because they coulden't get a ps5 at a normal price.
  16. To stick to the topic Crash Bandicoot seems like a franchise that has nowhere left to go anymore, The remasters were good, the recent one Crash bandicoot 4 : it's about time was also fairly good but i feel like what more can you possible do with Crash bandicoot as a character and a series like how much appeal does Crash bandicoot have towards a younger audience. I'd say the same about the spyro series but i'm afraid a certain somebody will likely want to have my head so i'll leave the little purple dragon alone (for now). Mario party could also be a decent fit for this thread, everything that could have possibly done with the mario party franchise has been done, i don't doubt nintendo will reinvent themselves at some point but until that happens it's another franchise that has nowhere left to go. The first 3 games of Mass effect also comes to my mind, Where to the point all there is to be said has been said and the series wrapped up nice enough to give it a rest. Sure the world and lore of mass effect is too good to waste and not do something with it, but bioware can't afford another andromeda fiasco because that would push the series into the requirements needed to list it into this thread. Same could be said about the Witcher franchise as Geralt his story is done.
  17. I don't know about you but rockstar can still do a lot with the Rdr franchise but the question is will rockstar do something with it other then a remaster of the first rdr and maybe a remake of revolver. Pretty sure the online part of rdr 2 did below rockstar's expectation and was probably something they wanted to keep going for another couple of years to come. If you start thinking outside the box like what happened to Sadie and charles after the first game, where do they both end up? how about Landon Ricketts pretty sure you could go back in time and make a whole rdr game about him like lead it up until the point he meets john in the first game. I feel like we've seen enough of the Van der linde gang now, maybe it's time for something completly new. My apoligies as that was quite offtopic from my part, i just coulden't help myself.
  18. How about some that are not genre and maybe not entirly gaming related but if you born in the 80 ies ( or earlier )and to some extend the first half of the 90 ies, atleast one of my picks should sound familiar. Let's just consider when we were kids, we were gaming noobs and had way too much time on our hands. My apoligies to @StaceyPowers for hijacking your thread and going on a nostalgia trip. Reading gaming manuals over and over again -> Remember that manuals came with games, remember how many times you flipped trough manuals when you were a kid, pretty sure i read the manual of certain games atleast 50 times. Sometimes i would take these with my grandparents when my parents were working and started fantasising about the game in question. Changing your mind when buying a video game at the last minute -> I'll just give an example of my own i was going to get Streets of rage 3 at first, when arriving at the store i noticed they had a new power rangers game and came home with Power rangers the movie the game instead, it's also a beat em up and i never really regretted the decision because i've found memories of the game but you know, the point being as a kid your mind changes all the time. Deleting Save files without giving it a second thought -> What do you do when you have only one memory card, since these things were quite expensive at the time, deleting saves to make room for a newer game. Crash bandicoot 3, 108% save file, yep let's delete that, 200 hours of gran turismo 2 damn got no room to save syphon filter progress, ohwell let's delete that gran turismo file. Getting a licensed game instead of a good game -> Pretty self explanatory this one, instead of getting a good game, no gotta have that simpsons game instead because it's the simpsons, remember them in a time they were still awesome. Sadly their games weren't. Taking things for granted what other kids told you about videogames you haven't played yourself-> It's no suprise whenever a kid was talking about a videogame they were mostly made up stories and you believed every word they said. Afterall word on the playground was sacred.
  19. Never posted in this thread either, tought i did but apperently i didn't, man what kind a phrase is that haha. Best feature about the 3ds no doubt is the backwards compatibility with original ds games. I agree with the original poster the 3d effect was cool if it is used well and added something extra to the game. Games like starfox 64 and both zelda n64 games used to the 3d effect to an extend that it made them a complete new experiences. Nintendo should have extended upon this and remade more n64 games for the 3ds. My favourite game that used the 3d effect really well would be Ridge racer 3d, maybe is it because it was a launch and blew my away at the time or the fact it's the only racing game other then Mario Kart 7 that is worthy of playing. But still a lot of nintendo first party tried to sell the 3d gimmick really well, but ultimatly it failed to stay relevant, granted that 3d tv's were also in decline at the time it's not suprise. Posted my top 10 3ds games with my toughts here in case you're interested in that. Overall i switched between 3d and 2d every so often, because the 3d effect caused me a lot of eyestrain especially when being fatigued. The 3ds has in my oppinion one of the most diverse gaming libraries, every genre imaginable is covered especially if you're into more niche genres you are in for a thread. Got around 175ish games for it myself and someday i tend to start a japanese 3ds collection.
  20. Noticed that i haven't replied to this thread yet so here we go i woulden't call them necessary mistakes i made as a noob since i still find myself guilty of doing the same things after all these years especially in rpg's Excessive grinding -> The first thing i always did whenever i started playing a new jrpg, grinding for a couple of hours in the first area of the game to the point where i'm 5-10 levels ahead of the enemies i need to face in the next area, Still find myself guilty of this apperently ever since booting up Dragon Quest 11 a few days ago and the first thing i started doing yep grinding lol. Making the game a breeze so far. Looking up something before playing a certain part of a game -> Something to try to avoid as much as possible but back in the day, i would look up guides or just read them from the gaming magazine rack of what i had to do in the game or ask my parents to buy me a magazine if they were in a generous mood. Holding on to every weapon -> Still guilty of this, but yeah pretty self explanatory this one, for example you don't need that iron sword in skyrim anymore but lets hold onto it for safekeeping or as a momento. Wasting money on items that are pointless -> Yep you already have 50 healing potions what do you do buy a couple more just to be sure or how about that weapon that does 2 more damage then your current one, sure that's 2000 gold of the 3000 gold your have, only to find the exact same weapon in the next dungeon. Saving after every goddamn battle -> saving 15 times in an hour check, it wasn't something uncommon i did back in the day.
  21. Guess we won't be seeing @Shagger too much around for a while if he wants to master all those games. Guess you're going to have to keep the ship afloat for the upcoming couple of week. Pretty sure this thread is about traditional shooters stuff ala Gradius, Salamander, R-type and Thunder force just to name a few. @The Blackangel just tagging your name so you would read this, correct me if i'm wrong but from what i've read and gathered from your posts in the past you're looking for more of a single player story driven shooter, then i highly recommend trying out the Metro series, the first two games 2033 and last light are remastered and are both avaible in compilaton called Metro redux for ps4/xbox one and switch, not really sure why you want to play this on switch but the option is there. I'm sure you can bag this compilation for fairly cheap by now. There is also a complete editon of the third game in the series for ps4/5/series x called Metro exodus, it's supposed to be more open world to a certain extent, haven't played this one myself as i'm still waiting for the complete edition to drop in price but only the ps5 version seems to have dropped to 20 bucks so far wherest the series x one hasn't yet.
  22. The major problem for any company that would want to take on the wwe license is probably going to be able to outbid 2k games for it, granted if 2k games want to continue with the license. There are rumours about an Aew in development, so there is always that and the competition could do miracles for the wwe games. There is always fire pro wrestling world for the ps4/pc which is arguably the best wrestling game ever made, it may look simplistic and it's probably too niche for the casual wrestling fan but any wrestling fan should give this a try as you've never seen a wrestling game with this many match types and imo the best control scheme in any wrestling game. People interested in wrestling should look into and it's probably not going to break the either as you can pick up a physical copy on ps4 for around 20bucks.
  23. We haven't had too many food related threads around so why not have a thread about instant noodles, everyboydy knows em and imo the ultimate comfort food. So do you like them or not, why not, what brands and flavours do you like the most? I always keep some around the house for when i don't have much time to cook or whenever i feel like getting some. The beauty of instant noodles apart from being cheap is that there are so many brands and flavours around you can constantly try out something new. My personal favourites are just the good old nissin cup noodles, flavour doesn't really matter to me because they are all equally good.
  24. Looks like i'm the only one keeping this thread alive luckly i got enough stuff to cover as i probably won't be getting anything anymore more this month so better get it over with. I've also changed the table cloth for the occasion 😉 Right where do i even start, let's start with the modern crap, couple of sales here and there you know the usual nothing too exiting, i did preorder endling - extinction is forever because not only it looks interesting but i also want to support smaller indie physical releases as much as possible + also the first switch game i bought this year. Damn thing is gathering dust like there is no tommorow (just kidding i dust it off every week) : Japanese wii u, i had to get the zelda game at some point before they get really pricey so that's what i did, think i'm 2/3 done with set : Japanese xbox 360 + since it's zelda month at my place, i diden't have the japanese version of wind waker and the zelda collection which was given out trough club nintendo, yep who still remembers club nintendo? Japanese og xbox, i'm kind off hoping to complete this set by the end of the year and probably should be able to do it without breaking the bank. Anyway finally finally i got a minty copy of Dennou Taisen: DroneZ imo the rarest japanese xbox game, i've been searching for this game for let's say 3 years there is always something wrong with it, it's either faded or the manual is missing and when everihting is alright with it, sellers want 300+$ for it which eh ain't going to pay that : And we've saved the best for last this thing has been on my wanted lists for the longest time the Mobile Suit Gundam Warriors Kadokawa Shoten Special edition, which imo is hands down the rarest gamecube you can get since they only made 500 copies of it and were given away trough a lottery. I wasen't really planning on getting this but the opportunity came along to get a sealed copy from a collector who i haven't talked to in years, it's nice he remembered me and we quickly agreed to a price, which wasn't too bad let's say i could have bought a ps5 and a game for it, but eh why would i want that when i can have this instead. I know you can get the regulair version of this game for 10 bucks or less, the only difference is the packaging and that you unluck everithing from the start of the game. Was considering of getting back into gamecube and pick where i left off a couple of years ago so i may just do that. Needless to say all this brings a huge smile on my face.
  25. Think it may work the other way around because from the reactions i've seen on the internet not too many people are happy with the new skate game being free to play, neither am i as i may skip it all together. But nacon is the publisher of Session so wouldn't be suprised if they fuck it up one way or the other. The most important aspect in sports game are the controls have that mastered and you have a good game but i don't really have much faith in Session to be honest. Hopefully i'm wrong and it turns out good that is something we'll know in a few months.
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