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What are the least buggy open world games?

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Almost every open world game I’ve played is extremely buggy. The only exception so far for me has been Red Dead Redemption, which I don’t think had even a single major glitch.

What are some other open world games that run very smoothly?

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If "Bethesda" isn't written on the box, odds are you'll be OK. I found Horizon Zero Dawn to very polished at launched, but that didn't stop Guerrilla from making a lot of improvements anyway, and made those patches before starting work on the DLC. That is doing it right.


I also don't recall seeing anything major in the Gravity Rush games, a really underrated PS Vita and PS4 games I'd recommend. They have had a few stinkers, but honestly Ubisoft's open world games are usually OK as well, but be a little careful especially if is a recent release.

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As much as I love Skyrim I have to admit it is a buggy mess, actually anything from Bethesda is basically the definition of a buggy open world. Horizon Zero Dawn is a good example that was already mentioned, the only bugs I encountered is when flowers appear in places where you cannot collect them. 

But to answer your question Red Dead Redemption 2 had only a few bugs and its a very huge game and Spiderman PS4 is also a very well made game.

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