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Xbox Studio Growth

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chrome_screenshot_1657486994351.thumb.png.7c4d104bf280eaf547dcd7008bc79554.pngSo I've found something that puts into perspective on how drastic Xbox's first party studio growth has been.

The above image is the studio list in 2023 if the purchase of activision goes though. That would be 35-36 studios depending on if Blizzard acquires another studio called Proletariat.

The below image is the studio list in 2017. There's only 6 in that picture.

What are your thoughts on this?

Credit goes to Klebike on Twitter.



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I didn't know Xbox has acquired over 20 studios all-time, I was thinking is about 10-12 after activision blizzard purchase. Xbox is standing alone, and very successful ever since they joined the video game industry. The chiefs in 'Bill-Gates and Paul Allen are functioning greatly to make sure Xbox archives greater mark in all ramifications. 

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Yeah they've been on a buying spree as of late. And I think other companies are trying to do the same. Like sony. 

Anyway, they have a lot of great talent under their banner. So here's hoping they can put out great games. They really need to start utilizing these studios and their talents. 


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It only looks huge because they didn’t break down all the properties they have. Wow is huge right, so you’d expect a team the size of Bethesda to work on that alone. The there’s overwatch, hearthstone, Diablo, each with a dedicated team. StarCraft, Warcraft and hots are on life support but there’s probably still a couple engineers maintaining the server etc.

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