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The Blackangel

Fan Made Games / ROM-hacks

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Does anyone else play any fan made games and ROM-hacks? I have 3 that I play. All are Zelda games and on the SNES.

Zelda: Parallel Worlds
Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom
Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

Goddess Of Wisdom is so far beyond hard. I've never seen a game like it. I honestly believe that whoever created it never intended for it to be beaten. Considering that to even hit some of the bosses you're required to use a spin attack. Regular sword slashes do literally nothing. Some enemies can only be hurt by things like arrows. The bosses from Link To The Past are now used as mini bosses in the dungeons. I've been playing it for over two years, and I've only made it to the third temple. I haven't beaten it yet. I can't get through it because Vitreous is a mini boss in the third room as you enter, and the bastard is impossible to fight, let alone beat. The little eyes are now on steroids. They come at you so fast and are so strong you don't really have any time to attack.

Those are the only fan made games, AKA ROM-hacks that I have. They're fun-ish. The fact that they are so damn hard takes away a good chunk of the fun. Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge. But this one is at the level of cruel with it's difficulty. You think Dark Souls was hard? It's a cake walk compared to this. And GoW isn't even the hardest one of the 3. That one reportedly goes to Parallel Worlds. I have yet to try that one, mainly because I'm already stuck in GoW. I want to at least beat the third temple before I try one of the others.

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Ironically, I only played ROM-hacks to decrease the difficulty of a certain franchise: Pokémon. All Pokémon readily available on a single version without trading, easy IV/Egg Move-breeding and EV-edit.

I've also played Pokémon: Ash Gray that was a really cool hack that faithfully adapted the entire plot of the Indigo Stadium saga from the first season of the anime. It's far faithful than Pokémon Yellow, right down to reenacting entire scenes from the anime. Such a great tribute for fans who grew up with the anime. Unfortunately, it never got finished past the Orange Islands, but thankfully, it was completed till the point where you revitalize Charizard the way Ash did to win his trust.

There were also a few other Pokémon hacks I played for the interesting story, such as the Pokémon Adventures hacks that finally brought the far superior story of the manga to the games. I don't think those were completed either, which is a shame, because I could see them as successful JRPGs of their own with the unique and emotional storylines.

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Most of them are better than the originals imo, I haven’t run into any where I’ve had to grind. They’re harder but in many cases optimizing a moveset will be waaay more effective than level grinding (I remember I beat insurgence with a lovely kiss/calm mind/moonblast/dark pulse alt-type roserade ans didn’t have to grind at all).

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