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If I play a PC version of a game available on Xbox, will the sensitivity be weird on a DualSense?

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So, I have a weird question. Say a game is a PC/Xbox exclusive. I purchase it on PC, and then play it with my DualSense. Would the sensitivity with the DualSense be similar to what it would be on Xbox (i.e. completely reasonable), or will it be more like struggling to play a PC game without a mouse where the sensitivity is crazy on a gamepad?

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I don't know but I think it will vary from game to game.  Steam does have optimization options for different controller sets including PlayStation controllers, but in my experience (again, it varies from game to game) XBox orientated controllers tend to work better in terms of functionality.


When it comes the particular issue of sensitivity, I've used both XBox and PlayStation controllers and they tend to be about the same.  Even if you do find the sensitivity not to your liking most games have sensitivity adjustments in their own in game setting options.

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