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Do you buy or rent books?

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I haven't been to a library in decades. I do buy books however. Typically, I just buy fiction as that is where my interests lie. I do read a little bit of nonfiction, but that is usually only when it's in direct relation to some aspect of my life. But it seems that I tend to prefer writing the books instead of reading the books the majority of the time.

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I've borrowed books from my local library before - and sometimes forgetting to return them on them - but I've never really heard of renting books, at least around Singapore.

Buying books though, I've done that in the past, but they're mostly comics from a shop called "Kinokuniya" or Choose Your Own Adventure game books like Give Yourself Goosebumps. The CYOAs, I've bought them as a kid, but I remember about two or three years ago, my interest was rekindled and I ended up buying some CYOAs from overseas and had them shipped here. They were part of the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" series published by Bantam Books. I got "Terror on Titanic" and "Hyperspace."

But yeah, most of the time, I've bought my books from two stores in Singapore: the Popular bookstore and Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya is definitely the better choice though since they offer a wider variety of books, from comics to Japanese light novels to literature of any kind. Popular is more leaning towards the mainstream crowd and also sells stationary and assessment books for students.

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