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How often would you say you make clips when playing a game?

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I tend to game as much as I can daily but there are some days in which I am unable to due to how busy my day was. 

If I am playing a game and I do something that I feel was clip worthy or something in the game happens that I feel is clip worthy I will clip it and upload it to YouTube Shorts and TikTok. 

How often would you say you tend to make clips when you are playing video games? 

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On 12/24/2023 at 10:01 PM, Ravenfreak said:

It depends on what game I'm playing. I'll usually only take clips if I found a glitch or if I'm recording footage for my Youtube channel. Other than that I normally don't take clips of games, especially not on my PS5.

You made me remember the last time I made a clip. I used it to show a technician the lags I was getting in the game, not really for any kind of show. 

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It actually depends on the game I'm currently playing and what I wanted to save the clip. If it's something very interesting which I wouldn't want to lose the view, I'm going to save the clip and back it up on my Google Drive too. 

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