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Ever receive a fake console as a gift?

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You know the fake consoles, the ones you get from Chinese websites, that are made to look like modern consoles? Have you ever been gifted one of those fake consoles? I thankfully never have, but I imagine a lot of parents or grandparents mistakenly buy these fake consoles still. Now days all I see are those knockoff handhelds that have the 1000 in one carts. 

These are some example of what I mean: 




I hope none of you received these atrocities as gifts. But if you did, what was your reaction to receiving them? I'll admit the handhelds always seem like the better options, but even those are usually poorly made and tend to have bad screens. I know there are people who actually collect these consoles. Which makes me wonder if they will ever be worth money if one day they become really rare. But I doubt that with how much of this stuff is on the market. 

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Yep I've received two NES clone consoles. The first one was when I was 12, I seen it at a mall kiosk and it was one of those Super Joy III consoles. My grandma got it for me since I thought it was cool, and she gave it to me for Christmas. The other time I was 28, so it wasn't too long ago. I wanted one of those Coolbaby NES mini clone consoles and I got it for Christmas. I knew what I was getting, but I didn't mind it being a clone console and not being able to actually hack it. I thought it was funny, both consoles actually. I wish I still had my Super Joy III, it had a few roms on it where the letters would be mixed around and Golf was one of them. Instead of saying "Water Hazard" and "Bunker" the N and T were switched around and so it said "Waner Hazard" and "Butker." xD Dig Dug was another rom on the clone console that had letters mixed around, the letter R and S were mixed around so whenever you got a game over the text would read "Game Oves."

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Yeah. My aunt once got a Gamecube clone for me while visiting China in the early 2000s. She didn't know much about gaming and got it because it was extremely cheap. I still accepted as it wasn't her fault but I got rid of it within a year.

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