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Is religion necessary?

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Religion as a whole, is unnecessary. It creates nothing but problems that are almost exclusively born from ignorance and bigotry. One religion hating another for some whackjob reason creates nothing good. Believe whatever the hell you want, but religion is more of a problem than anything. If it was possible to eliminate religion, but keep faith/belief in something other than some meaningless title (Muslim, Jew, Hindu, xtian etc.) then the world would be a much better place.

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I don't want to offend anyone, but in this thread a provocative, but straitforward question has been asked that intend to answer honestly. If you reading this are religious and sensitive about it, consider yourself warned.


To me, it's very simple. Religion is for people who want to relinquish responsibility for how they behave, what they say and even how they think and feel to something else. A priest's congregation and community are often referred to as a flock for a very good reason. They are mindless, impressionable loosers who don't even want to develop a moral compass of thier own. 


And those are the few people doing it right, most religious people are complete hypocrites on top of that. Happy to feel good about themselves feel accredited when thier faith brings about anything positive, but would immediately blame the same faith for thier prejudices and mistakes.


I'm not saying that the religions themselves are are evil or a manipulative entity. On the contrary, some archeic principles and moral stances aside, most religious scripture I've read is trying to guide people towards a positive attitude and good actions in life. It's people that are the evil, manipulative element in religion.

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Religion isn't necessary for anything. It's just people pounding their chest thinking they are morally superior while they always call for blood. It belittles human intelligence, rationality, science and progression. Put it this way, when the world fell into the Dark Ages, it was because of religion and all the sciences, philosophy, art were oppressed from humans. Then what followed was a rebirth period or the Renaissance and look at all the great things that were accomplished. Then after the Renaissance was the Enlightenment period, known as the age of reason, where there was great emphasis on science and human ethics/individuality/rationality. Religion takes all those things away. It takes away rationality and critical thinking, takes away science and technology and healthcare, takes away philosophy and human rights, takes away the arts, takes away liberty and individuality, takes away independence/freedom of mind, it takes away the natural evolution and progression of humanity. Religion is easily infiltrated by power seekers and authoritarians who exploit religion for sinister purposes. 

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