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Worst "freemium" experiences?

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For me it was an online mobile Yu-gi-oh game, If you wanted good cards you had to pay, if not you had to won at least a dozen battles just to get a booster pack and even the booster pack will only had 1 or 2 decent cards, but winning with just but cards against experienced players with better cards was a miracle.

Same problem as most free games, If You are rich in real life you are invincible in the game

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For me it is Hearthstone. All my friends are spending hundreds of dollars on it. I haven't and I don't intend to but to keep up with its pace you have to either play a solid 3 hours per day and be good at it or pay. Blizzard is a huge d.. when it comes to making money. I still hope I'll be able to play WoW without the damn subscription 😞

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