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Life of a controller ..

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4 hours ago, DarthHazard said:

I've never had to replace a controller either. I have two controllers at the moment so that I don't have to play whilst charging my controller. There are times where I get frustrated with games, especially with FIFA but I have never thrown it or broken it lol. Don't think I could afford to keep breaking it

I agree, $40+ dollars for an Xbox one controller every time I get mad would be a bit steep.

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I've noticed that Xbox has it much better with controllers, both in terms of price and the options available for it. Xbox controller either are cheap or are always on promotion which actually makes it extremely cheap. Maybe that's to do with having to use batteries for it and not having a rechargeable battery like the PS4 has. But it also has customisation for it and so many different designs which makes it so much appealing. With the PS4, we just have some plain colours.

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On 1/29/2019 at 11:55 AM, JoyFreak said:

I've dropped my PS4 controller so many times and I am surprised it hasn't broke or stopped working. The only thing is the R3 toggle sometimes gets stuck but thats about it.

I have rubber padding around my Xbox one controller as well as the joysticks to protect them from falls and stuff like that.

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