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Martin Berisford

Is the XBOX One X worth an upgrade?

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I've my Xbox One since day one (even got the controller!) and given that it's now all this time later - I've been considering lately if it is worth splashing the cash a little and getting the One X but I'm not sure it's even going to be worth it if it's just like a display upgrade. I'm not much of a guy who cares about all this 4K display stuff. Is it even worth upgrading if the Xbox Scarlett that I'm hearing about also rears it's head? Not sure if it's better to wait for that or bite the bullet. 

What do you think?

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Other than the 4K upscale in quality and slightly better specs, it isn't any different from the original Xbox one and the negligible upgrades does not make up for the somewhat vast difference in pricing. In a nutshell, save your money and put it towards the new generation of consoles that will be out within 2 years with far better specs and performance.

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