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Character customization – what do you like to be able to customize?

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A character creator that sticks out in my mind is Dragon's Dogma. You couldn't just alter the gender, face, race, class and so on like other western RPG's (Yes, I know the game was made by Capcom, but it is  western style RPG, just made by a Japanese company. JRPGS are different and have their own defined traits and style, but save that debate for another topic.). You could also customize the body in terms of height, shape and weight in a way I've not seen in any other game. This even had gameplay effects as well, something else that very rare in these types of games. Obviously, getting down to the more precise details it's got its limits, but's it's no worse than any Bethesda RPG I've played. I just wish the rest of that game held up.

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