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14 minutes ago, The Burnout Kid said:

I don't care all that much for Grand Theft Auto.


First things first, welcome to VGR.


I haven't enjoyed since GTA Vice City. GTA San Andreas' characters and plot were stereotypical and cliché even by GTA standards, GTA IV somehow managed to be both dull and annoying and GTV has been ruined by Rockstar and Take-Two's insatiable greed.

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I'm not big fan of RPG games as I'm not a kind of person who plays those kind of games because it's quite difficult for me to play the game for longer time but if you want to know about particular games than I would say Final Fantasy is unpopular game for me.

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On 10/22/2019 at 4:48 PM, kingpotato said:

I agree, its considered one of the best games of all time because it was the first of its kind. Like Doom it revolutionize what gaming was and it opened a path to better games with the same style of gameplay.

Doom is right there on the spot when you talk about games that had a major impact in the gaming industry we have today. 

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