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  1. Yes we are almost normal for 100 days than we have come back but it reduced to Auckland where I lives but it's not big as it's part of one single cluster but yes we totally depends on international supply as we hardly produce anything New Zealand that's why costs always higher for us in such situation.
  2. Yes I know but the problem is that in New Zealand we have limited products available so we don't have choice otherwise it will cost extra money to bring in country so this is better option for us to play game unless if someone know how to build a PC.
  3. JackO

    Virtua Cop

    Yes as old games still working fines even I am playing couple 1999's game on my Windows 10 without any trouble to be honest. I think he should download that game and tried on PC. It should be work.
  4. I'm not big tech experts so can build my own PC even it saves money for me. I normally buy from my local store called Jb Hi-fi which is famous gaming store in New Zealand and it have good price compare to big player so I saved some money too.
  5. I like racing and sports games and my recommended games are: Fifa 2019 F1 Racing 2002 Need for Speed Heat Grand Theft Auto v Cricket 2005
  6. If I have money to spend that I would surly go for Dell's ALIENWARE AURORA R11 which comes with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9,Dual NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti 8GB GDDR6 with NVIDIA NVLink SLI® Enabled and Up to 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s which is enough for me. But I have old Dell computer which is good enough to play my gaming.
  7. JackO

    Virtua Cop

    Yes those are my first action games and I still have it on my old PC which I hardly use now and I am sure it wouldn't run for me. If you want to have that game in your Windows 10 64 bit than Google it as you will find it and download now.
  8. I can't decide as gaming changes so fast that you never know you will end up with something more interesting games comes in future but if I need to talk about latest games than Fifa series games are my favorite games and I can play for my rest of life.
  9. I guess big games makers are not interested in these kind of games as I also used to play NFL Blitz lots but now everyone thinking about making money with modern games and I wish they can bring some of games back for a change.
  10. Yes I also do watch game play when I buy new games and I stuck in games. When I bought Fifa first, I have to watch it before I understand how can I control the games and how I can build of skills. It's quite fun to watch it before you play the real game.
  11. Yes I am also talking too much about gaming specially with friends as we works on same place and we are so close to app developments too which is also part of game app development so we talk hours for latest gaming.
  12. I loves my Fifa games and I would say I spend most of money on Fifa 2020 games and it's quite expansive on others I spent more than $130 something couple of months ago which is highest among all.
  13. Well I have 4 controllers with my Playstation 4 as we have 3 friends who used to play on games and it's handy when they will arrives to home to play some games for couple of hours. I might be buying 1 more soon.
  14. As you aware that Adobe Flash Player is comes to end which means it will be big dent on small online games as most of us defiantly played those small games. I wonder what future it holds now for those people.
  15. To be honest if I will get Million dollars on condition of giving up gaming than I would choose money over gaming as it will be big amount for me and I can enjoy my life without any problems. I love gaming but it's not my life to be honest.
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