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PS5 controller design patent revealed

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On 11/19/2019 at 9:51 AM, kingpotato said:

The PS5 controller patent was revealed, its basically the same controller as the PS4 except it will not have the LED light and it will have a microphone included. So far so good I mean the PS4 controller is near perfect so no need to change it.

You're absolutely right about the PS4 controller. There have been hundreds of different controllers with just as many designs. And out of them all the PS4 controller is by far the most comfortable. Until it came out I would have given theN64 controller my vote. Granted the previous PlayStation controllers were great, But the fit to the hand, in my opinion at least, had gone to N64. But the way they were able to slightly redesign, yet keep the same controller, and make it so much more comfortable....Bravo PlayStation!!!!

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The console looks like a space-age bedpan, but I'm glad they didn't mess around with the controller design to much. What I've heard about the triggers is quite interesting. The offer independent "modular" vibration and force feed-back on your fingers to emulate the pulling of gun triggers and even pulling on a bow string. That sounds cool.

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