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How much gear are you usually carrying in Skyrim?

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Here is a silly question for those who play Skyrim: How full does your inventory tend to be? Mine is usually within like 20 points of being full at all times, or it is full.

Usually I play a one-handed warrior, so I generally have a cluster of favorite weapons chewing up my inventory space, to the point where I pretty much have to grab the standing stone ability that boosts your carry weight. That’s even with wearing light armor.

Things are a lot better with my new destruction mage character, as my challenge to myself is “no physical weapons.” So that frees up a lot of carry weight.

But the really big problem for me is my potion stash. And I fear this will only get worse with the new character.

Even with fairly strict rules on what potions I will and will not pick up, I always seem to have about half my inventory weight full of them. That’s even if all I am carrying is like … health, invisibility, and the larger magicka potions.

I go to the store and I try to destash … but I just can’t. Everything looks like it might be useful someday.

So, I am a hopeless hoarder. Does anyone else hoard potions, or something else, in Skyrim? Any tips for kicking the habit? =D

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I never really had an issue, I carry maybe 2 or 3 swords, daggers and bows at a time, at least two armour/clothing sets, about 5 or so of each type of healing and stamina potion and my inventory is only about half too two thirds full.  I useually have one or two companions with me who carry most of my junk and misculanious items as I go but.. yeah.  Anything I don't need I just store away.

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I'm a Skyrim hoarder too! In the very beginning, until I get a house for storage and a companion to carry shit I tend to have a full inventory and then drop the least important/heaviest whenever I fill up completely. Come to think of it I almost always do that, since I bring the valuable loot I can carry. 

I usually have the set of armor I'm wearing, two dual hand weapons (I tend to specialize in two hand weapons, so I have the one I use and a backup), a bow and arrows, magic robes, jewelry for enhancing various things, all the healing potions and lock picks I've found and some magica potions. Then there are the things I carry until I can use or store it, like stuff I've picked up for selling when I need money, ore when I've just mined, dragon bones and scales when I've just slain a dragon (to use for dragon armor). Sometimes I also have two one hand weapons, for dual wielding, or one and a shield (not sure why I bring these things, I almost never need them). On top of that I carry the most valuable loot, to sell or store for later use.  

My houses tend to hold a lot of stuff! 

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