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Climbing on things in video games

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@kingpotato just mentioned he would like to see a climbing skill incorporated into the next Elder Scrolls game, an idea that I like as well.

The funny thing about Skyrim though is that you can climb up almost anything if you are determined enough. One of my favorite things to do when I am bored is see if I can get to remote high spots on the map that I likely was never meant to get to. There are some cool little secrets too—like a rooftop in Solitude that has a free health potion that respawns that is hard to climb to.

At the same time, it is pretty unrealistic. I have to admit that while I get irritated at the fact that Fallout: New Vegas will not let you climb up things that you are not meant to get up and over, it is more believable.

I like the idea of a climbing system where you start out more like you are in NV, and then as you keep climbing stuff, you are able to handle steeper slopes and move toward more Skyrim-like freedom.

Another game where I love to climb is Unreal Tournament 2004. There too, you can get up to remote, unlikely places in the map, especially if you have quad jump activated. Not like it gives you a tactical advantage if you have bots playing against you—they are pretty much omniscient. But getting to the highest point gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Who here likes to climb in games? Which games are best for climbing? How could climbing be improved in your favorite games?

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