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The Last of Us Part 2 is #1 on Amazon's PS4 Best Seller

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There is a tweet that mentions the game is among the top best seller list.

My view: I think this could be gamified as well. The reason being often amazon does this on per region basis to encourage buyers. It could be one of those gamification in search. Then again many regions have this too in result as well. Looks like game is selling. 


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Or it could be because it's a sequel to a popular and amazing game that has just had a bunch of spoilers leaked so people are in "Pre-Order, then ignore" mode.  Also the only other release anyone cares about right now, Final Fantasy VII Remake, is already out.

In other words.... REALITY!  Is anyone actually surprised by this?

On a more personal note FUCK THOSE LEAKERS!  I hope Sony take them to court and bleeds those wankers dry!

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