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Reality vs Adventure

Ever got Deluxe edition and code expired???

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Should we be cautious buying a game with add on content like Deluxe ed. and have the code already expired when you open brand new sealed game? That happened to me. I bought a brand new sealed game 3 years after release and the expiration date for the deluxe add on code was expired a month before I opened it. And now I would have to spend 10 dollars from the store if I wanted those add ons. I've already spent premium price for the Deluxe version of the game. Is this common?

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Game was 3 years old not 2 from release date
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It had happened to me, that I couldn't activate extra content. But also had one game  where I bought a game retail, and it was sitting sealed in box for years, and when I finally got around to opening it the code was rejected, and the on-disc version of the game was no longer supported.

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