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What ever happened to the Nintendo mobile games for smart devices?

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Remember when Nintendo did mobile games for phones and tablets? What ever happened to that? I'm aware they had Mario Run or whatever it was called, but I don't recall ever see any other releases from Nintendo. Are they still producing mobile games for phones and tablets and other smart devices? Or have they since dropped that and moved on? 

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I thought there would have been more games on mobile from Nintendo. Like a release of classic NES, SNES games. I would pay to play some on mobile if the controls work good. But I don't think they ever plan to release classic games to mobile. I mean, it would cut into the emulator scene as well, so that would be a plus for Nintendo, as they make money again on those games. 

These days, you can easily emulate retro games on mobile, it would be easy for them to implement I imagine. 

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