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Do you guys like the new dashboard changes?

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Lately the Xbox One has been gradually updating the dashboard look, but there is expected to be a new dashboard release this week (though some may already have it?). If you check the home menu, it now has highlights around the buttons, and shows a circle with the amount of people online. Actually looks quite nice. Anyway, not a whole lot is being changed otherwise, it'll still be the same, but with some added changes. And good news is, it's expected to run faster then past dashboards did. 

You can read more on this here: The Verge

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On 10/13/2022 at 6:53 AM, joblessdude said:

I really like older dashboard version. New dashboard is also good but I personally like the older one as I get much familiar with it. 

The older ones like the Xbox 360 blade dashboard looks more better to me and wouldn't like to have it upgraded.

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Throughout the years I have seen so many different dashboards on the Xbox and each one has been a refreshing change, but I honestly feel that you cannot beat the blade dashboard that the Xbox 360's had. That dashboard was simple, it was easy to navigate, and I just loved it. Now there is so much going on with the dashboard that sometimes after changes it can feel like you are looking forever for something. I understand why they have changed the Xbox dashboard the way they have so that they can advertise more and such which is a good idea but to me, the blade dashboard will always be a favorite.

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