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LG considers leaving the smartphone industry

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5 hours ago, lludawg said:

I'm going to be honest and say I know absolutely no one with an LG phone haha. Some of their new phones do look sleek though and the pricing is really good on them. Kind of sucks that they are ending 😭

I agree - I was considering the LG Velvet or the LG V60 as secondary phone but since they're going out of business, I'm no longer interested in them. Honestly, my secondary phone will probably be an Xperia 1 Mark III.

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9 hours ago, Jason5 said:

Sad that LG also has left the mobile sector. I am very sad that Sony withdrew the mobile phone sale in India.

Maybe some time in the future they'll re-enter that market. They didn't say it was permanent so anything can happen - However in those markets, they tend to buy a lot xaomi budget offerings.

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Seriously, I believe that they aren't much of a competition lately with what other smartphone companies are doing lately. They are more focused now on other electronics products like television 📺, DVD and so on. 

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