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  1. I did play quite a lot of MK 11 back in 2020 as DMC 5 and Doom Eternal.
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  2. Kane99

    Driver 2

    Anyone here remember playing Driver 2? I remember it mostly for allowing you to exit and enter vehicles. The original game didn't have such a feature and forced you to use the same car until it was damaged. But Driver 2 allowed you to continue your mission as long as you found a suitable replacement car in time I was huge on the driver games, especially the first one, but I enjoyed the second one even more. Hell I still have a memory card with the save file for it probably. Been thinking about booting up my PS2 to see if the file is still there. The funny thing about my save file, is that I'm pretty sure it's like the last mission of the game, but I could never get through it. I just remember you have to chase this helicopter, and I'm pretty sure there is a stingy time limit too, because Driver had to have those time limits for pretty much every mission. But idk, it still has a fond place in my heart, maybe it's because of nostalgia, but I did enjoy the game growing up. It was far better than Driver 3, that's for sure. Here's the first mission of the game. It has not aged super well, but it's still impressive to me how good the destruction was, as well as the driving mechanics. Did anyone here ever beat it?
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  3. killamch89

    Last Game Played

    Was playing some Palworld with my friends today. It's slightly addictive. I can't lie.
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