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  1. Hi-rez is giving away packs with cool loot on Steam for Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale. If you're playing one of these go ahead and download them to claim them. If you haven't, then you should 😛 They're worth the try!
  2. I want to get it sooooo bad! However, I feel like it's not worth getting it without the pokeball accessory and it's pretty expensive at the moment. I'll be grabbing it when it goes down to like 60-70 dollars 😛
  3. Can't believe I finally found someone who knows and likes him 😄 Everyone here says Hoyem who? and then is left mouth open wide by his voice hahahaha
  4. This was made by only 3 people? This looks amazing! Hit us up here when it gets released on Steam, we'd love to give it a try!
  5. Also!!! Kojima News coming for Death Stranding! I'm so excited about it, I really bet he'll announce the release date on December 6th 😮
  6. I feel that there's not enough indies in there. All we see is Sony, Ubi and Nintendo fighting over territory. I'm looking forward to the announcements but we all already know the winners 😛
  7. I didn't even knew there was a tmnt game 😮 Will definitely try that out!
  8. What is bugging me about the battle royale genre is why did it take so long for it to be a thing? I mean, any shooter could be a br game. I feel a bit betrayed as a gamer now that there's a huge amount of br games when two years ago we only had mods and ideas waiting to be pitched. I don't even know if that makes sense, 😄 but it makes me mad
  9. Are there that many manual save games out there? I can literally think of none 😄
  10. I tried the game a couple of months ago I think and it is fun. Can't say more than that though. It's just ok 😕 It's not much more fun than the other ones and it has way too many things involved for its own good. If you want to play though, keep note that the developers are giving away free packs of currency and a skin right now on Steam. Don;t miss that 😛
  11. I envy you! I saw Hoyem three times here in Greece after the disband but I was super sad to find out that they haven't scheduled a greek gig for the Madrugada tour next year 😢
  12. Take a listen at my favorite song right now, maybe you can get a picture!
  13. I love 80's rock and sometimes I'm in for some 80's pop too! Also, I love industrial rock and anything with low tones, without too much fluff. I don't know how to express what I like as you can see hahahaahha
  14. I can only stand Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. All those wanabee no-talents can go find millenials to support them 😄
  15. They might not be that popular but my favorite shows were that of Madrugada and Reamonn. I once went to an Arctic Monkeys concert but it was one year before all those new cool songs were released so I wasn't that much impressed by them. Also, UB40 ROCK!!
  16. Madrugada ❤️ It's my all time favorite band and I'll never change them even if they torture me. Top 2 goes to Billy Talent and 3 to Linkin Park! All totally unrelated to one another 😄
  17. On my phone on the way to work, while I clean the house or when I'm getting dressed to go out. Usually I listen to music using my wireless earphones since I have no good speakers with bass and whatnot.
  18. I'm in love with that song. I can't relate to it but it is so powerful!
  19. Shazam. If I have no reception to use it then I write down a few words on my notepad since I know that if I get home I'll forget 😄 Fun story: Once I heard an amazing song in a cafe and I went over to the guy that chose the music but he couldn't tell me its name cause he was using a burned cd and it was titled as Track 12. I had a few lyrics written down and I spent the next few days furiously searching for it. Nothing EVER came up. Fast forwarding to 4 years later, still casually looking for it while I have the music and lyrics in my head, I move to a new town. After the furniture setting I turn on the TV and fall asleep on the couch. In my sleep I hear it and jump up and look at the screen. It was used as background movie for a TV trailer for I am Legend. Long story short, I got dressed, took my laptop and head over to the nearest place with WiFi. I searched for: song playing during I am Legend trailer on Star TV in Greek or something like that and surprisingly I FOUND IT IN A FORUM 😮 I'm in love with it ever since! It was Lights by Archive ❤️
  20. This looks amazing! Didn't Know it existed until today hahaha
  21. I used to play keyboard. In fact I can be a teacher since I have a degree on it but I haven't played for almost 10 years. I have to get on it again at some point 😮
  22. I once left it playing on Netflix while I was working at home. If you're not paying attention to it, it's fine. If you commit to it though, you're gonna have a hard time 😄
  23. I would never sit and watch an old movie, I mean I'd never choose so. If someone decides that we should see it then i'm in for it. Older movies are so much better than the ones getting released today 😞 That's too sad to think
  24. Wheels are the best 😄 Especially if you're playing with friends. They take space though and it pains me how bulky they look on my shelf. The game itself is amazing for spending time, although I'm a huge noob. I can't even beat the bots!
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