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  1. OMG now I have to buy it 😄 I'll definitely be trying it out this weekend
  2. Which are your favorite TV Series?
  3. @StaceyPowers hmmmm I guess I'll choose walking around my area, listening to music and playing Pokemon GO 😛
  4. I'm thinking of getting it since i'm a lovecraft lover. However, I have this crazy fantasy that ingame the protagonist is on a ship and there's mist and thunder and rain and it is dark. Somewhere in the distance a huge thunder strikes and you can see Cthulu rise from the sea. If I play the game and this isn't happening I'll be so dissapointed 😄
  5. I just finished Riverdale up until now and I'm in love with the show. Before that I saw Sabrina and I didn;t even remember that those two were connected through the comics. Now, news are that we're getting a crossover in the series! Anyone else hyped?? http://uk.businessinsider.com/riverdale-chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-crossover-2018-11
  6. Skateboarding ha? Now, that's a good one. How many injuries have you got in your time on skate?
  7. What's your favorite outdoor activity?
  8. @StaceyPowers wow that was nice! I'd say Quiet-Practical-Kind. (all those bite me in the end though hahahaha)
  9. Glad to know the issue is gone now! Welcome back!
  10. I don't follow news anymore. Greece is a big pile of missinformation and paid content. If there's a big weather change or a disaster happening I usually find out via Facebook by friends and then scout the internet for it. I only search for gaming news daily, mostly browsing through a list of different sources through Feedly 😛
  11. My favorite compliment is whenever someone is texting me for video game help saying that I'm a living video game Wikipedia 😄 I'm not actually, I haven't played much but I don't think there are many titles out there that I don't know about. I've worked hard to learn all that stuff without being able to play as a kid so it's super important hearing it now
  12. @StaceyPowers I didn't even know it had predecessors 😛 I played it just fine so I guess you won't have an issue!
  13. Mine is the quarantine zone in MGS V.I won't say more and spoil things but it must be the most powerful and emotional scene of all times!
  14. Did you have an idol growing up? Who was it?
  15. How would you describe your personality in three words?
  16. @StaceyPowersused to be midnight to 8 in the morning, back in my glory days 😛 Now it is 4 to 7 in the afternoon which are my only free hours through the day
  17. You should try every greek food there is then 😄 That's one thing that we sure know how to do
  18. @StaceyPowers actually I've done nothing at all. When I started a new morning job that requires me getting up too early and have to take the public transportation for 2 hours to get there I just come home exhausted. Not the best way to beat insomnia though. What I would suggest you to beat it though in a more humane way is hit the gym or walk walk walk. Tiring yourself physically is the best medication for insomnia 😛
  19. I'm sure you'll love it. It's dramatic and full of action at the same time. Let me know what you think if you get your hands on it 😛
  20. @DC My PC keyboard or mouse. Imagine hearing music when you try to work and have it stopped when you take your hands off it 😢 You just created a new nightmare for me 😄
  21. I'm currently downloading it and I hope it is worth it because I've deleted almost all my library to have it. Have you played Warframe on the Switch? Is it a worthy port?
  22. For me it's Metal Gear Solid. No other franchise has so much tension and background story as this one. You'll have to replay or see the cutscenes many times in order to know everything there is to it! I would also add Transistor to my answer. The story is amazing for an indie game!
  23. I'll always be looking for the story more than the shooting itself. What bothers me in online shooters is how easily you can abuse certain mechanics to your advantage and that's why I never play. If all shooters were as polished and casual like Overwatch, I would be totally happy 😛
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