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  1. RPGs and turn based strategy ones. Wouldn't say no to the ocassional FPS though, especially now that Metro Exodus and Cyberpunk 2077 are getting released 😄
  2. I'm over Alien at this point. I thought I would become excited but there's not much to expect but an Alien game 😕
  3. I can give you only one advice. Have this playing on the background 😄 I spent weeks in FO4 trying to figure it out but everything was easier with some good music
  4. I really like Salt and Sanctuary and Nioh. However, I can't wait to try out Ashen, Blasphemous and Death's Gambit. They look like high end soulslike games!
  5. I usually don't mind violence in video games, even though MK and GTA are a bit to much for me. I don't like causing violence but seeing it in games won't make me turn away. However, I remember with THAT scene from Heavy Rain. You all know which one I mean 😄
  6. Are you sure you're not having an issue with some kind of adware? I also write slow and sometimes forget to post the answer and stay on the page for hours but it never happened
  7. Let me know what you think 😛 I believe you'll love them!
  8. I agree even though I don't know much about the PvP in WoW. It seems unnatural for an MMO to be considered an esport I don't know 😕
  9. If haven't got it yet, it's a great game at a nice price! Perfect to start and then get the new Hitman 2! https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/hitman-game-of-the-year-edition
  10. I totally agree with Dylan. I'd go with PS4 on top bumping heads with Nintendo. I wouldn't add PC just because gaming on a PC is so random now. Low end, High End, Ray Tracing bla bla bla. I just want to play the damn game 😄
  11. You must be the most efficient video gamer out there mate, congrats 😛
  12. Most possibly every game I bought over the past 12 months on PC. Don't get me wrong, they are all awesome. However, I have no time to play now and I regret getting more games I cannot play 😞 Especially when they kept me living on spaghetti and rice for the month hahahahaha
  13. I added a point to God of War and Detroit without playing them cause I've watched the whole playthrough and both are flawless! For me though, Pokemon Let's GO and Octopath Traveler are the ones that took the vote. I would love Starlink and Ni No Kuni to be added though too. One vote for them too 😛
  14. Still the best mmo for me! That huge human city was perfect to just act like an NPC 😄 I even stand next to the street dancing and role playing in the local chat that I'm a street artist to brighten their day hahahahaha
  15. Yeah! They're pretty similar to my favorite band of all times Madrugada so I've been checking them out too. We had a real crime TV series here in Greece and the director loved to add Wovenhand, 16 horsepower and Madrugada songs during the episodes. That's basically how I loved them all 😄
  16. I believe we make the gaming world better that way 😄 Keep it up!!
  17. 16 Horsepower is pure gold ❤️
  18. I remember back in my Guild Wars 2 days, I used to act like an NPC citizen just to get a different feel of it. I would find houses along the way and try to figure out which one I want for more to live in, and just sit there whenever I was AFK. I would also find perfect spots for sunset gazing and look for the spots with the best view. Everyone else was grinding in PvP but those things were never for me 😄
  19. I get you totally! MMOs are even more immersive on that matter since you create a character and feel like you're him/her. It just gives you all those moral questions like would I do this if I was in that state? Why can't I negotiate instead? Why can't we just all get along?? 😄
  20. For real?? Man Stacey! You're my idol 😄
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