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  1. Yikes. But at least we weren't 'kept in the dark' about this update. ☺️ Oh well. We have other horror games to enjoy this autumn. πŸ₯΅
  2. I think the camera really helped to immerse you in the horror world, but ever since it went to over the shoulder, the gameplay in survival horror titles has been more action focused, hereby removing a lot of that horror appeal from the classic era. To be honest, no new RE game is really that scary. But in my opinion, The Evil Within 2 has one of the most impressive bosses in Laura. That game also feels genuinely creepy because of the atmosphere, despite it having the same type of gameplay style as RE4. Although perhaps the story didn't make much sense. Because I don't think they actually revealed what the hell this Silent Hill-like world called STEM was supposed to be. In general, I don't think there's many "scary" modern horror games, because most of them have too much cheesy action, and characters in RE games are more like superheroes nowadays. There's also certain games where you can't fight back. You can only flee. And meh. Not being able to retaliate much just feels lame. Even Ethan (a seemingly normal guy) wasn't so normal either. LOL. He was ordinary up until the mould got him all suped up.
  3. Revealed during Gamescom, it's an upcoming 2024 horror sequel in the style of retro 90's classics. So, yeah. It has a fixed camera perspective. πŸ˜€
  4. Needing a few fillings at the dentist this Thursday. Gonna also ring up my ISP to give them notice to end my contract, because the broadband I have is absolutely dire. It was due up on the 8th of September, but I guess it will end a bit later perhaps since I haven't contacted them yet. It's that slow, I cannot get videos to load up using my phone in bed. I feel like registering with TalkTalk was a waste of money. When I change to my mobile data with that network instead, it ain't especially great either. But it's still slightly better at loading media up, and if there's a 240p option, I am lucky. My broadband speed is only around 0.2 MBPS. They told me fibre wasn't available, but if I had known their line was that poor, I wouldn't have signed up for such abysmal quality. It's way too slow, though. Imagine trying to upload a video in HD when it's already running at a snail's pace. Giffgaff in the UK do this unlimited data pack for Β£25, I think. But they throttle your speed after 80GB of it is used. If I go outside, the signal improves. Indoors, it's obviously blocked by the brickwork, making streaming a chore. I guess I could just use cheaper data packs for to watch wrestling shows from now on, and the rest of the time, go leech off the public WiFi at the mall, or outside other venues. And I mostly just play YouTube videos to hear people's thoughts, so I don't care if the resolution isn't clear...
  5. Linda Blair has suffered enough. Is this exorcist story gonna be a continuation of the first movie, like the many, many other 'alternative' horror sequels that skip over certain entries, like they never even occurred? All Hollywood does nowadays is reboot franchises, or at least kind of soft rebooting them. But then it makes the already established continuity or whatever, rather pointless. That's because everything appears to be ignored. Like Laurie and Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't killed off then, I suppose.
  6. My mum likes to be by the sea. The hospice she goes to for respite is close to the water. 🌊
  7. What makes people think they can get away with this? This reminds me of the fake RE7 or RE8 game that was also pulled.
  8. This is definitely Jackie Chan's greatest movie in terms of stunts. It's also very funny in parts. He is able to slide down a steep hill and get bad guys to stop a hijacked bus. I didn't find it awfully realistic how they basically catapult themselves through the windows, though. The dubbing in some versions isn't too great. He is sometimes named Kevin in certain prints, but just simply Jackie in others. In 1996's "First Strike" (technically, the fourth and final entry), he is only called Jackie.
  9. If you don't like a person that you've never even met, for example, why would you feel motivated to make 6,783,578 accounts and/or posts to attempt to annoy somebody online? For an estimated 20 to 7 years, too. Some people don't have a life and are clearly in the OCD category. Yeah. One guy does it to me every week. It's just really sad.
  10. Recently, I watched it, and I thought it provided quality fan service. Although if you're not a huge RE fan or just not one at all, then it won't be for you, I suppose. At one point, Chris talks about losing Piers, the sidekick he had in his unit in RE6. Jill looks the same as in the recent (although pretty terrible) remake of the third game, but that's because of the T-Virus slowing down the aging process. However, they don't quite touch on it in the movie. She just feels bad for having helped Wesker. Anyway, go check it out.
  11. Robert Englund is done playing Freddy. ☹️ https://variety.com/2023/film/news/freddy-krueger-robert-englund-wont-play-freddy-anymore-1235624171/amp/
  12. I know the franchise makes money. But it barely feels believable anymore. 😁 How many Ghostfaces are there altogether? πŸ™β€β™‚οΈ
  13. No. I'd say that while the streaming market is rising, the sales of tickets at the box office should indicate to movie buffs, that most people still prefer the theaters. *Munch, munch.
  14. Yeah. This is kind of low. As someone who knows how seedy Capcom can be, don't be in any way shocked if you have to pay for the DLC story with Ada called Separate Ways when it eventually becomes available. That really annoyed people in 2005, because of the exclusivity "promise" Shinji Miami went back on. At the time, he really didn't want the main game being released on anything besides the GameCube. Maybe that wasn't his fault, though. Later on, the extra material was only available in the PS2 release, which had to be unlocked. Maybe that was Capcom's bright idea. Either way, he was none too thrilled that he had this happen. It's sad he left his own studio months ago, as The Evil Within felt like it had potential. But I'll forever be grateful he made RE into such a big franchise.
  15. Yeah. It's been a terrible year. I dread getting calls from my sister now. I don't know how I would cope without my mother...
  16. My mum had a seizure today. She's in the hospital for observation. πŸ₯ My sister called me today, to say she was with her when this happened. 😧 Unfortunately, my mother has an aortic aneurysm. She has, I believe, suffered three strokes in the last 16 months... Been on weekly dialysis since March of last year.
  17. Mausoleum. 1983. 4/10 My goodness. LOL. It's just about some demonic woman with green eyes, and she kills a lot of people, admittedly.
  18. Great White. One of those Jaws clones that faced the wrath of Universal for being an alleged rip off. They even attempted to ban it from being released. When this initially failed, it was showing in the theaters for a month, until a judge pulled the plug. But it isn't that great. 🦈
  19. OK. That's fair enough. I wasn't complaining, though. Honest. πŸ˜‰
  20. I think the problem with modern media as a whole is that they put in a lot of unnecessary things like gay and lesbian people kissing or dating, like anybody cares. It's like they want a group of characters to feel as mixed as possible. This is something the director of Days Gone claims made the game get all these woke attacks. When like I said, none of that matters to me. Even in similar games like The Last of Us Part II, every SJW person loves that game because of the themes it puts across with making women tougher than usual. But I love it because it's a thrilling experience and one of Naughty Dog's best titles to date, despite the death of Joel. Not because Ellie and her girlfriend are making out, or because you have a transgender kid helping you. Honestly could care less about these people's sexual orientation in a movie or game where their goal is usually to run away or get slain by the killers, or something lurking in the forest. LOL. Unless you're the hero that overcomes the problem. But still. Yeah. RE7 was a decent effort. Still hate what they did to Chris by not hiring an actor similar to the guy who portrayed him in RE5 and 6. It doesn't look like him much, because of his face and the voice is different. But it was a more commendable effort than the last slew of sequels. Especially RE6, where Capcom just didn't know what the hell they were doing. But if they can keep it up, RE will be restored to its old glory by RE10. The new animated movie looks like a fan's dream come true with Jill, Leon, Chris, Claire and Rebecca teaming up, so this is something to take note of if you're working with Capcom.
  21. Today, I learned that Bloober Team wants to do less psychological horror games and become more mainstream. They're talented. I wish them the best.
  22. I've been getting to the point where I'm really just so tired of hearing about many remakes of old horror games being developed. Especially with Capcom's handling of their remakes of Resident Evil 2 onwards with the story aspects undergoing changes, and whatnot, this indicates that I'm more sick of it than ever. And I mean, I played the original PS1 era games countless times in my younger years. I'd rather get new games in their respective series, or even something completely new and surprising, provided those games are trying to honour the franchise they are connected to. I don't mind. Perhaps these remakes (or the more appropriate term, reimaginings) help to bring the series to a modern audience, sure. If anything, gamers today may not like to play classic horror games due to the fixed camera angles, low resolution graphics and tank controls, preferring the over-the-shoulder way of things in full HD, or first person even. So it is beneficial to them. But decades long fans like myself know that the remakes have a lot of unnecessary changes, repeated cutscenes and boss battles, and whatever else. But after paying Β£500 for a PS5, I feel I would rather see the potential for more brilliant games like a Days Gone 2, The Last of Us Part III, or whatever. But instead, we're getting remakes of RE games being churned out in the wrong order, Silent Hill 2, Alone in the Dark, and others. While these games may admittedly be quite successful and play well, they are not *new* ideas, as such. Unless something gets changed, we already know James Sunderland hated Mary, and he ended her life out of pity for her. How can they put this across in a different way so that it feels unique? To tell you the truth, I don't even find the RE universe in general to be all that scary any longer, especially after RE8 with the tall vampire lady nonsense, or the ugly, living doll-like person hiding in the sitting room, and the other weirdness that plagued the game. It was just incredibly dumb. So I reckon I'd rather play other horror games, because all the RE games feature returning heroes who are veterans, so you always just get cheesy lines now and too much guns to blast up stuff, and repetitive ideas means you get little in the way of a new experience. Because essentially, every game is just about a virus spreading, but with a new letter at the start. Like the new K-Virus, or something. This is why the games just aren't creepy enough any more for my personal taste. Everything is getting recycled. Although the mutant baby thing you have chasing Ethan Winters in RE8 was kind of clever, the game did have a werewolves shooting section with Chris Redfield, which felt random and just added in for a bit of your bog standard, typical fan service. Besides remaking games, Capcom has long had a history of trying to rip things off from other games in general. This is definitely the case with RE8 having mannequins, that act like the nurses in the Silent Hill games. I also got a lot of P.T. vibes from exploring that house as well. But if you tell anybody that on GameFAQs, they imply you're stupid for pointing that out. But take it from me: RE has lost the edge it once had. I've grown so fed up of moaning about it on forums, that I've basically gone and found other games to enjoy that have better graphics and are way more scary, tense, and interesting. I'm gonna be all the better for it. Look at Stray Souls, for example. That's an upcoming indie game that looks like it has way better combat mechanics than any of the recent RE sequels. And of course, there's the remake of Dead Space and Alan Wake 2. Yet another big budget game that looks to be taken the survival horror sub-category seriously again...
  23. I have been made aware of spoilers for the film. You may view them at your own risk, on this website. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Outrageous stuff, though. I did try to tell people that the RE franchise has gotten rather weird and this is just further proof. 🫨 http://cvxfreak.com/deathisland The password is dinocrisissux.
  24. Yeah. I think it's just a news dump forum now, to promote upcoming games. I find most gaming forums are just not active any more to make sticking around on them worthwhile. This is because they became less popular once Facebook and Twitter grew so large. I know what you mean about the snappy moderators. I asked the main admin to once again get rid of this guy from Australia, who was impersonating my friend from my college days in a profile which he could still log into. Then he came back with the same name, just reversed like a mirror. My mate and I made some low key films, and this guy basically stalks me and floods this anxiety related site with my address while using my previous user names because they were not yet registered, as well as ones he just made up to abuse me. Of course, he keeps on saying he is not this troll in Australia. This is a lie though, because I found pictures of him once and an IP address from a Kiwi network, and I then found his profile on Twitter. That I knew him from prior years was no surprise. So he just chooses to be ignorant, despite being 37 years old and still doing pointless things like spamming on dead forums. Which is what 10 year olds would enjoy doing. Not guys pushing on 40. The only really active gaming forum is on GameFAQs or NeoGAF, but the users there on the former are just shills. When you post something semi-negative, or at least a little bit heated or combative, they say you're somebody's alt. I was kicked off NeoGAF twice. I never had any issues on there. It seems they just ban people for stupid reasons. But at my age and with my mother being in a bad way, I only post on forums occasionally to counter the cravings, or I would be in my flat all day doing nothing but watching movies. Because I mean, in real life, I have not got the slightest idea how to fit in with anyone, as I have ASD. And I find people with ASD usually have to be friends with other ASD related people, as the normal people are too mainstream. It makes life feel lonely, empty, and whatnot, when you cannot get a spouse either. Being hurt by various people like ex support workers did not do anything to improve my situation. But the clock is ticking for me to start enjoying my life, while I am still fairly young. It's just that everyone is vying for something, and they win every single time. You feel like you have no chance.
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