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  1. That's just a dream of ours at this point. 🤩
  2. Yes. I use my own clippers, then off it goes. 😚
  3. I got abused during my younger years, as I had a quiet personality and was not hyperactive, for lack of a better description. Then I went to a place for tests. They didn't diagnose me with ASD until 2007. After which, I started to gain welfare and support workers. But I had the misfortune of going with Autism Initiatives in Scotland. They're bad news, unfortunately. What a fanny wank for a company they turned out to be. Had this guy emailing me crap with an alias, then confessing to doing it. I guess though, you get lousy people in any job, place, or whatever the case may be. So maybe we can just chalk it up to me being unlucky. I don't even know if he got the sack, or if they investigated the matter, since they didn't tell me why he departed from his job. Even so. That's just being unprofessional. He should be banned from being a support worker, just in general. But yeah. That was so out of line.
  4. It's basically the 'chav culture' to us. 😛
  5. I think the games will probably all be mediocre. Silent Hill while it has its many fans, ain't anywhere as commercially appealing as RE is. And not having Team Silent to work on the series any longer is just gonna mean that they will likely serve up average titles from indie studios.
  6. I've been after one with HDMI output so I can plug in a dock and use it like an Android TV box, but I think a lot of low cost phones only have a casting (smartview) option. You usually have to go look up about the make you have, since they don't really tell you if it is HDMI capable to begin with. Because I use mobile data, I don't have a modem for connecting to proper WiFi. I use my hotspot to get online. But I found Google Chromecast to be too fiddly, as it sometimes fails to find my device.
  7. I walk about wearing earphones a lot, because I don't like to tangle them up. I listen to YouTubers talking about games. But I notice idiotic car drivers purposefully toot at me when I am not even crossing the road, just to take the Mickey.
  8. Yes. But I need a spell checking app more than a screen cover. Lately, I noticed on many of my comments, I make so many unusual typos, which I used to be able to avoid. It is usually because I accidentally hit the wrong letter.
  9. In Child's Play 3, Andy was for the only time in the franchise, played by a different actor. Kind of hated that, although he did the part well enough.
  10. I watched a bit of some 80's slasher film, Slaughter High, but it looks quite awful. I seen it listed on Prime. Before that, I sat through one called The Witch Who Came from the Sea, but it was a bit on the boring side.
  11. Sometimes, DVDs, etc help to make up for lost box office earmings. But not always.
  12. My sister is experiencing mental health issues including feeling paranoid all the time. You see, social workers know she's pregant. She had a real barmy years ago to do with her other kids. The social gets off on lying about people. The courts are a joke in Scotland. I've had dealings with them myself. Her ex partner cheated on her this year and even admitted their son was put up for adoption. But I did tell her not to go back to him. This is the crap someone is in for if you fall for a man's false act.
  13. I was never into that "I'm a celebrity from X period, get me outta here" shite either. Or what was on MTV in the 2000s, because MTV used to once mean a time of watching non stop music videos, etc. That was what defined MTV. Not reality show trash. The 2000s was a load of pish. All you would read about in the news was that some junkie called Pete (whatever his full name is) was once again doing drugs with his fellow snowblower Kate Moss and getting arrested again. But if it was anyone else, nobody would care or remember about it by the next week. And when Michael Jackson died, it warranted like 200 pages of theories. Like when the Australian rock group INXS was looking for a new singer after briefly going with Jon Stevens from New Zealand, they had this reality show to recruit a new vocalist. Apparently, the dude who won the contest and made them successful again later got fired by email. LMAO.
  14. I love the 80s, but it can still sound somewhat dated or cheesy at times. Especially those keyboard fills between the singing. It's like there must have been a rule incorporated about putting in synth sounds as it was the top thing then. Now it's just drum machines, hammering random buttons on a deck and yelling. LOL.
  15. This has been one wet year. I reckon it has rained nearly every single day since the spring.
  16. The Kardashians, huh? Who cares about them? 🤓 Fortune, all the way. 🤑
  17. I'm never really on it, to be honest. I only logged in from time to time to look for work as a film extra, but my social anxiety has put me off from seeking out any more opportunities. I had problems in the past, but there's no point in dwelling on it. But I had a good wee run while it lasted. I prefer one to one situations, as it's hard enough for me as it is. For I usually don't know what to say to people, so I may come across as boring or awkward to them, making me feel crappy.
  18. If you like to watch loads of TV shows or movies, take advantage of those trial subscriptions on Amazon Prime. They have a massive selection of series and films, in both SD and HD. Just remember to unsubscribe before the deadline so not to be charged. Arrow Films and Shudder are superb.
  19. Well, I just find games too hard, or boring. All the new horror games either have too much combat, or none. There has to be a balance. I don't just wanna run around in the dark, or shooting things just to collect the loot the enemies leave behind. Capcom is just milking Resident Evil into the earth, because for the past 5 years, they've been churning out semi-decent games (usually remakes) with half the original game's material omitted. So they tend to feel undercooked, and the gameplay is sluggish too. The old RE games had weapons that packed a punch. The handgun in RE7 feels so weak. But the zombies in the remakes can get multiple headshots and still moan, and their grip is strong. 🤪
  20. Aries has been informed, but yeah. I don't see the point in contributing any more, as it is hard to tell if the users are genuine members.
  21. The community knows Konami is just trying to play catch up with Capcom. 🤣
  22. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping we would get some update about Townfall and f because they were announced over a year and a half ago. It feels like ages now since that first showcase took place, as that was way back in October of 2022. But then nothing happened besides the new movie being shown, and SH2 getting a not so well received new trailer and combat footage. So we get Summer Game Fest on the 7th. I see Annapurna Interactive is there, and I was thinking that maybe we'll get some news on Townfall, as there was a hint on X last December, I believe. Only they showed off another game. I was left feeling sad. I noticed the Silent Hill Community forum is currently offline again. It was gone for over 3 months the last time this happened, which I think was last year or the year before. 😑
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