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  1. Thanks. I may have overpaid for WRC 8. I bought it used for 35 dollars at Game Stop. Does V-rally 4 have the gen. 1 Golf GTI as a rally car? That would be cool.
  2. I've already bought back most of my collection, but I have some expensive notables to go. These include the '62 Buick Special, the eighties Audi Quattro rally car, the Jaguar XJR9 Le Mans race Car and some NASCAR Chevys among others.
  3. I'll buy it back eventually and I love my '60's Le Mans race cars. I have a '67 GT40 Mark 4 and a '67 Ferrari 330.
  4. I don't really care what people think of me either. I'm going to like the Celtics, Chevy and heavy metal as long as I live.
  5. Would you believe that the shape of the Visiv was inspired by a fish?
  6. I sold it and many other things to get the money to buy '60's Le Mans race cars. I should have saved up without selling that much, but hindsight is 20/20.
  7. I think the photo comes from a game that looks really similar to GT, but it isn't GT. This is a fun quandary.
  8. Maybe I'll get a better feel for Fuji when I buy back the Subaru Visiv Vision GT car. I still regret selling that one.
  9. We're talking about the track in Japan, not a game named after it. I wouldn't be surprised though that a game was named after it. I hope that clears up some confusion.
  10. I can't stand Fuji. Beautiful scenery, I've just never had a good feel for the track though.
  11. Either he's trying to trick us for fun or it was a legitimate mistake. I think we will soon hear from Justin about it.
  12. I love Gran Turismo because it's realistic enough for my liking and if you put in enough effort you will win if you have enough skill.
  13. What track is that in the GT photo? I don't recognize it from the diagram.
  14. I don't play racing games on PC anymore. Both of my computers are really old. PlayStation consoles and the Switch are all I play racing games on now.
  15. Cool. I won't be playing GT7 for a while because I don't buy new consoles often and I only just bought my Switch about a month ago.
  16. GT6. I've been binging on WRC 8 lately, but sometimes I find joy in revisiting GT6. I won the ten minutes of Rome with the special blue Corvette and then modded and raced an '86 Celica.
  17. Actually, the Ford Racing games were not rally games. They were mainly road course games. The only rally games I have poured a lot of time into are Mobil 1 British Rally Championship for the PC, which a relative in Ireland gave me once and WRC 8 for the Switch. There's one fictional rally game I have, but it's a poor depiction of rally, the cars don't steer and I forget the title. I consider my true racing backgrounds in gaming to be NASCAR, Test Drive games and Gran Turismo with a little Indy Car thrown in.
  18. WRC 8. I've switched makes a few times now. Unless I go back and complete the junior rally series I won't go back to Ford if I can help it.
  19. The EA Sports Indy 500 game. You had to request your tires while in the pit box. How does that lead to a quick enough pit stop? Also there's no courtesy on the track, you could get wrecked at any second. The one good thing is that you can choose to have the Ilmor Chevrolet engine and be one of the ten fastest cars in the field. I never won the Indy 500 in the game, I may have won the 125 mile short race once though.
  20. Ford Racing 2. You'll never reach the time trial times no matter how smoothly you drive, but you get to see some legendary American cars as they would have appeared as new cars, so it's worth it. By the way, I am still a Chevy fan, I just sometimes like Ford games.
  21. If there's a car that I fear in video games its the Lancia Stratos. I have more chance of crashing in that car than just about any other car, regardless which game its in.
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