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  1. I also said Racing, because I might find a cool game from you guys.
  2. Already have Most Wanted. I kinda want to try something new than racing, I almost tried all of them.
  3. Tried Train Sim World 2. Kinda hard game at first, but I got the handle of it.
  4. The guy from the thumbnail looks exactly like Ryan Eggold (Max Goodwin from New Amsterdam).
  5. Probably if I'll get tortured, I'll get a freaking anti-social guy that forces me to play Among Us with him... GREAT!
  6. Well, that's hard for me... I'll probably go with the Halloween candies, because I never celebrate it. Being a Christian guy, I don't quite like the event, but only the candies. Besides, on Winter, it's my birthday.
  7. Everytime I would've go to this website: https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/, I would immediately leave because I was scared of all the details that seemed real.
  8. Damn, I'm eating those things so much. I'm so surprised that nothing has happened to me.
  9. I just discovered after a year that I typed "Grand" instead of "Gran". Sigh...
  10. My humour is broken. The dog went like: "The heck?"
  11. Even tho I have experience in swimming, I'll go with the mountain option. I'll like to see the world from the deepest mountain, and on the water, you never know when a shark can catch you.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V & 99% The Crew 2. (The only thing in TC2 is that you can't kill people.)
  13. I'll add another thing. Never be ashamed that you have a ringtone from a video game. At least, you're not the type of kid that puts edgy songs on their ringtone. P.S.: My ringtone is the song from BattleBlock Theater's gift shop. So relaxing.
  14. Tried it with EA Play. Yea, it has a good rating. Yea, I'll like action adventure.
  15. Already have Rocket League, and I play it sometimes. Only PC gaming.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions! Sorry for using the "indie" term.
  17. P.S.: I want a game that isn't taking a lot of money.
  18. I'm looking for a game which is Racing, Adventure or Indie. Any ideas?
  19. I only have one question... Why is NSW Government having a flower on their logo? If I look better, they're kinda imitating the Huawei logo.
  20. Who uses DVDs anymore? The fact that with only a few clicks from home, I can get a game right away, this is, in my opinion, the cool life! True, having a physical copy can give you advantages, but I'll just stick with digital.
  21. AndreiMirfi

    Smite MOBA

    Tried it on Steam. It's some sort of League of Legends but in 3D, and the characters are actual gods, and not animals or stuff like that.
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