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  1. Source - https://www.vrfocus.com/2020/08/new-trailer-for-medal-of-honor-above-and-beyond-coming-this-week/ Medal of Honor is making a comeback. The most recent Medal of Honor wasn't well received at all. They gave it a try, but it failed. Now, they're bringing back Medal of Honor for another shot, and this time it's going to be in VR. It's going to be called Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, and the trailer is expected to drop sometime this week. Do you think Medal of Honor is back? Or will it just be another mediocre game?
  2. Halo Infinite was delayed for the upcoming Xbox Series X. The console is still coming out, it just won't launch with Halo. I think this will be the first time an Xbox came out without a Halo at launch. Which is weird to me, but I'd rather they make a perfect game instead of a messy game.
  3. Do you guys still own any gaming magazines? I used to get gaming mags from my local grocery store all the time. I always went for the PS magazine, because it always came with a demo. I always thought that was cool. I then subscribed to PSM for a few years, but sadly that never had demo discs. I also loved reading the EGM, Game Informer, and so much more. What about you guys? What gaming mags do you remember subbing to? Or just getting at a the store? What was your favorite gaming mag?
  4. Yeah, Flash is pretty much dead at this point. I think sites like Newgrounds just use HTML5 now. Flash is also not very protected, so you risk getting viruses and stuff from sites that still use it.
  5. I haven't really played many ROM hacks, but they're really popular. A lot of people make ones with their own sprites and graphics. It's quite cool. I wouldn't mind buying a few of the NES rom hacks out there. I'm always for trying newly made games from already established games.
  6. Kane99


    That is cute, I want one! 😄 A bit pricey for me, but I would love to own one. With it being a LEGO product, and the amount of work is put into it, I can see the price being fair. Just not achievable for me.
  7. I've yet to actually win a match, but I got to the final level. I got to the level where the platforms fall. I almost made it. It is quite a frustrating game though, that's for sure.
  8. Nintendo has done some creative things over the years. They created the Wii, the DS, 3DS, and of course, the Switch. They always seem to re-invent themselves when things start to get bad. What do you think Nintendo would do next after the Switch line is done? Rumors are saying they're going to make a better switch in 2021, but what about the future after the switch has its final days? Will we see a traditional console from Nintendo? Or, will they continually upgrade the switch? I can see them doing the latter, because the switch just works. And it'd probably be simple for them to perfect it even more. What do you guys think?
  9. According to many outlets, Nintendo plans to release an upgraded Nintendo Switch for 2021. Other rumors include that it may be in 4K, which would help them compete with the PS5 and new Xbox. Read more about this at the link below: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-and-improved-nintendo-switch-model-is-rumored-/1100-6481319/ I'd love to see a 4K switch released. That'd be awesome!
  10. Well I made a similar topic for the PS5, so I had to make one for the new Xbox Series X. What exclusive game are you most psyched for? It would have been Halo Infinite, but since it was delayed, there's not much I'm really excited for. I'd say, maybe the The Medium. That game looks like a scary spooky fun time. Maybe Scorn and State of Decay 3 too. Not sure. What about you guys?
  11. The PS5 is nearly here, and with it will come a ton of exclusive games. The main game I'm interested in, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I have not yet played the original Spider-Man on PS4, but have been meaning to for a while now. I suspect the new game is going to rock as usual, and on an upgraded machine, it's gon look pretty! What PS5 exclusive are you most psyched for? And why?
  12. Yeah, I guess I didn't think of that. I've watched a lot of LGR videos about him building old PCs and he does explain the cost can be quite high. I wonder if I should just try to find a used PC from then and try to find parts as I go along. I may even have some old PCs lying about that I could take some parts out of maybe. Yeah true. There are a lot of ways to make old media work on newer devices. And thanks! 🙂 I actually watched that video a while back. I could probably do this with one of my old PCs. I actually have a raspberry pi for retro console games, got the retropi set up and have NES, SNES, and a bunch of other games. I haven't tried DOS or any PC games on it though. I disagree. I have a raspberry pi myself, and what I did was just buy a bundle case set, which included everything you need including the plugin, SD card etc. I only spent $80 or so. The only downside is that I use it on my TV, so playing PC games on it at the moment, isn't going to work for me. But yeah, I wouldn't say it's bulky. If anything it saves on room.
  13. From what I see, the devs announced they were making a port for the Switch, but nothing new has since come out of that. I found this article below: https://screenrant.com/hatred-game-nintendo-switch-violence-controversy-why-release/ I remember people going crazy about this game, saying it was made to just be violent, which it was, but the violence from what I recall, wasn't as crazy as people were expecting. And supposedly the game wasn't even that good to begin with. I have a feeling it won't release on the switch. But, we shall see I suppose.
  14. Well all they would need is the ISOs like the PlayStation classic. Of course they need to get permission from the publishers and devs of the games they want on it, but it would be fairly simple. The only other issue is the fact that PS2 games tend to be hefty in size, so if it happens, the PS2 classic would need a lot of space. Which will cost consumers even more. True. That's my biggest concern. My guess is, if they do make a PS2 classic down the road, they won't have a lot of games on it. I don't recall how many the PS classic had, so maybe around that amount, or likely less. I don't think their core team would even be involved in the PS2 classic if it were to become a thing. I imagine they had a small team handle the original PS classic, and if they do a PS2 classic, they'd probably use the same team. But, I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think it's a ways off if it ever happens. Would be cool though, I agree. 🙂
  15. Yeah, I can see what you mean. I watched a gameplay video for the game, and it does remind me somewhat of Destiny, especially when they showed the Mr. Freeze battle. But, I have a feeling it's going to work out. I just hope it isn't like the Avengers game, because that game looks like it's going to be just about the money. Here's that video:
  16. Fall Guys seems hugely popular at the moment, and I can see it being a big esporting event soon enough. Maybe not on such a grand scale as others, but I think we're going to see more competitions with this game. What do you guys think? Would you compete in a Fall Guys event?
  17. I miss the days of playing stuff like NBA Jam, NFL/NBA street, NFL Blitz, and any other arcade like sports games. We sadly don't see these types of games anymore these days. Why is that? I garauntee they would be crazy popular if done right. I would love to see an NFL Blitz resurgence. That game was awesome, and still is awesome. What classic arcade style sports games, would you like to see come back?
  18. Moderator Edit: There is already a thread open for this topic, so the two threads have been merged. This is relatively old news by now, but I'm sure most of you heard a while back that Apple and Google decided to remove Fortnite from their own app stores because Epic Games decided to cut each of them out when they introduced their own currency. Thing is, both Apple and Google require a cut of payment of any DLC/content they release. So, Epic Games went against each of there terms and conditions and is now throwing a fit that it's 1984 because Apple is such a super power and all this nonsense. Here's my view. They're all greedy, spineless companies that only care about one thing, and that's money. It's not like Apple of Google really need that cut of money, but yet again, it's not like Epic Games can't pay it up. It's just the rich squabbling for more money. I don't care what happens between these companies. Personally I'm not a fan of either of them. What do you guys think about this situation these companies are in?
  19. Has anyone here played this game yet? It came out a little while ago, and it's blown up since. It's all over twitch, and all over social media. Essentially it's a Battle Royale game where you play a little bean and your objectives from what I see, is racing to a finish line while running through an obstacle course. I have not yet played it, but I am thinking of buying it for PC soon, as I think it'd be fun to stream. There are different type of levels. If you don't make it to a finish line, you don't qualify. If you fall, you're eliminated. Etc. That's all I know about the game.
  20. When I'm all played out on the games, I tend to watch some movies, bindge some tv shows and YouTube and maybe relax. I've been reading more often as of late, so I may start reading even more. As well, I like to hang out with friends & fam. Other times I try to catch up on some work, and other times I just sit around on my phone for hours lol.
  21. I thought WD2 was a vast improvement over the original game. A lot of people hated on the original game because it was a down-grade from what they announced it as. But for me, Watch Dogs 2 was so much more fun. The point was to utilize hacking a lot, and I think they did a great job with that portion of the game. The shooting and fighting was also nice, and running around the city with that easy parkour movement, was also quite nice. But it is Ubisoft, so I understand. They're not a very good company these days.
  22. This game is going to be awesome. So many great games coming out from DC, I can't wait! I hear there is only two player co-op though. Would have been nice for 4 player co-op though.
  23. Well it's true. It was revealed during the DC Fandome event the other day. Watched the trailer and I gotta say, this game is going to rock! It's going to be called The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
  24. If you were into doing Esports yourself, what game(s) would you guys play? I myself would try my hand at Call of Duty, and maybe Fortnite. Even though I suck at fortnite lol. Other games, maybe the WWE wrestling games, Madden NFL, and some other games. I am no pro, so I probably wouldn't last too long lol. But if you were a pro, what games would you want to play as a pro?
  25. We already know kinect is done, and won't be featured in the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X, but most Xbox original, 360 and One games will be compatible on the new console. Do you think the Xbox One controller will work with the Xbox Series X? I sure hope so, because the way controllers are priced these days, I don't want to have to buy expensive controllers. I've been seeing Xbox One controllers going for like $80 at most places and I don't get it. What do you guys think? Will the Xbox series x work with Xbox one peripherals? I doubt they would work with the 360 controller though. But that would be cool.
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