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  1. I just recently started playing. Total blast of a game! After approx 15 hours of game time, I've had maybe 3 Turf War battles that did not fill within a minute or two
  2. AVS. It plays everything, actually works without having to fix it, HDMI out of the box.Basically a combo of the AVS and Everdrive will give you the full NES and Famicon library for $300 in full HDMI.
  3. SC2. I don't really play much anymore, but I don't think I've ever been as addicted to a competitive game as I was to Starcraft2.
  4. Oliver


    My brother's xbox was banned 5 minutes ago off xbox live.....They should have made the console unhackable like play station 3, sony stopped selling backward compatible ps3s as they could be hacked so now sell them so they can only play ps3 games.
  5. Do a password retrieval by going to to XBox.com, click 'Sign in' followed by 'Can't access your account?' and follow the prompts.
  6. Best Sports Game: NHL 10 Best FPS Game: Halo 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2., i dont like Modern Wafare 2 but just helping u
  7. Reset Xbox but keep all games and apps, if that doesnt work try offline update
  8. Turn the switch from on to off and if that doesn't work have your son press the big xbox button in the middle of the Controller then go all the way over to settings then down to prevences then hit voice and he might have his voice muted turn the switch from on to off and if that doesn't work have your son press the big xbox button in the middle of the Controller then go all the way over to settings then down to prevences then hit voice and he might have his voice muted
  9. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One,Counter Strike,Doom 3 i love first person shooters ^_^
  10. I believe they might or will release xbox handhelds, so far the biggest name of technology are android phones over selling iphones. Microsoft might release a teaser inside one of their magazine ads about the xbox handheld but if the xbox 720 is released it might or might not happen
  11. It was my first game when i bought my Android mobile. I haven't played it since 2 years, because today's games are far good and graphically awesome
  12. Yes i always play this game. I’m on a regular iPhone 7. The game still plays pretty smooth, but I need to buy something bigger eventually to help my eyes. It took a while messing with the controls to help adjust issues I was having with big thumbs and a small phone
  13. I’ve still got this goal of completing the Pokédex, so I can never quit until I’ve succeeded that. But the thing that really makes me stay is the community. I’ve made so many fantastic friends through this game, I really do love it
  14. id say easily 10k hours on gears of war 3. I was trying to beat the last boss on the hardest difficulty to unlock a achievement. it is hard as hell the only way to beat it is basically by getting lucky. I spent about 3-5 hours every day for a year trying to beat that monster
  15. I didn't buy a gaming PC I build it with the help of YouTube Videos . I order parts from different platforms like Amazon,Ebay, Ali express and its worth $1500
  16. I don't really watch streams but I watch a lot of youtube just because it seems more entertaining and somewhat less time consuming than playing games yourself.
  17. Speaking about multiplayer I usually play with Rocket League, Rainbow Six, I played a lot with For Honor as well.
  18. I got into PC gaming because I could pirate games and get free games as a kid. First game I played on PC was Pokemon red and blue on NO$GBA emulator.
  19. I see absolutely no reason to leave it on , so might as well turn it off to reduce wear and tear and use less electricity
  20. Dell has the best support. Lenovo if you want to fix it yourself, as parts are sold by them cheap. Razer is by far the worst though
  21. Soviet Womble and his group of friends are pretty hilarious! He also posts all good the highlights to his YouTube channel and has the editing skills of a god
  22. I play it because of the quality, the lore, the game play, the art style and because i hate Asian morphs and good western mmos are hard to find these days.
  23. Superman 64 no idea how to play it lol its the worst and most unplayable games of all time.
  24. A gaming laptop is great if you need something that is more portable. A gaming desktop is much easier to upgrade as newer technology becomes available.
  25. For game recording, OBS can't be beat (in my opinion). I use OBS in tandem with my Elgato capture card if I'm running something from console and there are SO MANY tutorials on YouTube for OBS and the various things you can do with it
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