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  1. This game looks and reminds me a lot of the 2D platformed, Out land. would easily recommend both this game and Out-land to anyone
  2. I like the Xbox the controllers really haven't changed much and if you look at comparisons of the Xbox and PS4 controllers the Xbox has superior usability and feel The ps4 has better specs
  3. I doubt highly that this gen is "basically over." Games will still be coming out for the PS4 even 2 to 3 years after the PS5 releases. I mean, Persona 5 was released on the PS3 too.
  4. Persona 4 Golden, still the top game for me and it's what got me into the Persona series to begin with.Close runner ups are Killzone Mercenary and Gravity Rush.
  5. I haven't played as many games in the past couple years and haven't had PS 5, mainly playing the occasional exclusive and games on my switch
  6. Duck Hunt. That light gun technology still amazes me, plus I want to test if you really can control the duck's movement in second player.
  7. I enjoy the game, the main criticism I have with Story mode is I am missing the sense of exploration that other 2D Mario games have. Looking for secret areas and every bonus coin. The levels are just sort of static Mario fun to me.
  8. i never liked the fact that the gta maps were cut off by a body of water surrounding the city as if its some kind of island cut off from the rest of humanity.
  9. Wow, I used to play this game to burn time in high school computer classes around 15 years ago. Crazy
  10. Persona 5 already a Masterpiece, but with Royal my life is COMPLETE! We are very lucky able to play one of the BEST RPG in the world of all time. Everyone who plays video games MUST PLAY THIS MASTERPIECE
  11. I don't like this game i delete after a few hours of installing. The reason were. Lack of content and t here's a lots of bugs it's a Bethesda game, and there are no mods to fix anything and Lore has been reconnected pretty hard
  12. You should have to use barely any ammo on her.Burn her with every pipe and in the end stage time her coming out of the bodies and burn them, she’ll burn too.After the bodies are used up a few shotty shells or even a couple of explosive bolts or grenades will finish her off easy.
  13. Void is flashy, creative, and clippable as hell, was rooting for him, but Leo was just so goddamned consistent. He's a robot, it's amazing.
  14. I can't count the number of times I've run into people who just straight-up explained that it's impossible to cheat, that cheaters don't actually exist.
  15. iRacing is the best from a competitive standpoint for sim racing. But if you didn't like that then there are also games such as Assetto Corsa that have community based leagues
  16. Maybe this can help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muFpweQ0QbQ
  17. Tier Zoo- in depth zoology that normally I wouldn’t care about, but it’s taught in a style that’s entertaining but in a video game format. Danny Gonzalez- just learned about him. I like his style of humor.
  18. Of course i do and i made a lots of mods for mini crafts, fallout3, and Xbox. If you want to learn mods you'll need Java SDK and Eclipse.you'll also need knowledge of basic Java language.
  19. Marcus Fenix. I like Gears of War but he’s not a very likable protagonist and is pretty flat as a character. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought he was just kind of lame and generic years ago when I played, and the rest of the cast was much better.
  20. Maybe not, You can buy happiness from money. Whenever i feel sad, upset or missing someone i start playing games. Also these money can not last very long. Since everything are now expensive and hard to buy
  21. Whenever I get bored of gaming, I pick up some of my favourite casual games like Rock Band or Pokemon Go.I usually get burnt out when I'm playing a lot of games that require a big time investment or something
  22. So imagine this, a game where you play as a jelly bean, dressed as an item, and you're supposed to race other jelly beans for a crown
  23. Hard to make a case against Google as they allow you to use whatever store you want and even side load.Apple on the other hand has their phones locked to a single store which is theirs.
  24. Fortnite gets far more hate than it deserves because kids like it (It's free, has collectables, and online, why wouldn't they?), it's popular for people to stream, and winning is as much luck as skill. And for that, it's crucified and made the butt of so many jokes. I fail to see hoe it spawns this much vitriol.
  25. You're not alone. I own a PS3 and now i am looking to buy PS5.I think we should always goes to upgrating. PS4 is not old for us. I know some people still like it but we should always upgrading
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