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  1. I'm uses to bring with me my 3ds's, my old psp, my vita and now my switch and play them every day. Guess I love portables, but the vita is by far my favorite such a great library with great games (even more if you add psx)
  2. Hitman 2 Gold Edition, Includes missions from Hitman 1.Plenty of replay ability, perfect since we're at home now for a long time.
  3. No. Reason is the games are too large. They'd have to spend more in bigger storage. That brings the cost of the console up to an unreasonable price.
  4. Oliver

    PlayStation 5

    I'll wait for a big backlog of excellent games and a pro version. I have a good gaming PC that I play also. I don't know if I'd be able to remain that patient otherwise.
  5. Nope. Definitely think we'll see a cheaper, digital-only SKU like the Xbox One S All Digital though. Wouldn't even surprise me if Sony already does that at some point for the PS5.
  6. Alto's Odyssey. It's free, and if you wear headphones and listen to calm music while playing, it can really be a good game.
  7. If a developer low balls a pitch to them, we might see another game some day. It'll have a very low budget and virtually no marketing. Also, based on Konami lately, it might be Wii U exclusive
  8. Incredible Crisis on Playstation. All the weirdness of YouTube clips from Japanese game shows in a single PlayStation disc.
  9. Slay the Spire. It's not terribly expensive, has a ton of replay value, and is mostly untimed with minimal reliance on reflexes or muscle memory. If you're a tt gamer you'll feel right at home.
  10. Games like clash of clans or hay day. I dont like those games where you place buildings and have to wait hours for more money. Where's the satisfaction?
  11. I play any motorcycle racing game available, most decent ones recently being from Milestone. Also played games like FIFA, NBA, NHL, whatever i'm interested in at the time.
  12. I'd like to be able to customize Pokeballs. Some Pokemon, like the starters, can only ever be found in a regular Pokeball. It would be cool to have the option to change the color of Pokeballs or add some effects to the release animation
  13. I've been playing games since I was in kindergarten and i dont have temper issues. but then again im not obsessed with video games. I spend most of my time doing other things
  14. One original Xbone and 2 controllers. One controller came with the console, the 2nd controller I bought the next day because when I got home and set up the console I noticed that they didn’t include a 2nd controller like they used to.
  15. Most people would say COD because it's so popular right now, but in my opinion, I think Pubg is better. Both cool though.
  16. Got to be the Call Of Duty franchise for me probs spent like 1400 hours online gaming on them!!
  17. Was the camera work automated or manual? It seems that this could be automated using Google Maps for the minimap, and using AI to focus the camera drone on a symbol on his back, such as the half circle on his shirt. I'd like to see that attempted.
  18. I think he will download and then modify it. I have experience with 3D modeling and they're hell hard while modifying is easy and fast
  19. I've got an xbox 360 that someday I'd like to turn into a linux machine. However, my PC is much better at gaming, and it can play everything at 21:9 ultrawide 1080p. PC Part Picker list in my flair.
  20. Yeh, i often watch trailer on yotuube before buying something. I think its better to watch their trailer before buying it
  21. I’ve been saying this since 2018. The first announced release date is gonna be sometime in 2021 but it’ll get delayed a few months to 2022. Book it.
  22. I am a found of games and i always talk about video games, Stages, Graphics and everything relate to video games.
  23. When I'm bored I clean my room, organize the dirty clothes where they are supposed to go.. Put the the color in one hamper, and the whites in another. I also work out. Whenever I'm free I do my regular 1 hour exercise.
  24. I agree with you, loot-boxes have received a bad reputation when companies have lied about the odds of obtaining items or when it has been pretty much impossible to progress in a game without spending more money. However, the Indy game market could depend on micro-transactions and loot-boxes to obtain some sort of revenue.
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