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  1. When I find a new song interesting, I kind of put it on repeat, I might listen to it repeatedly for 2 hours or more.
  2. Mashmello- happier Yellow claw - gun shot Moses bliss - too faithful to fail me
  3. As hard as I hate to admit it, Eminem is way more better than mgk.
  4. I always wanted to play a piano but never really had the time. My dad would always say "go join the church instrumentalist, they will teach you better" but that is a no for me, I loved video games and if there was a way I could learn piano from video games, I would be greatful.
  5. All I listened to was why do fools fall in love back in the days.
  6. Xmas classic are still the best and kind of bring more joy to the season. I don't know what Xmas will be without the classic Xmas music
  7. Maria Carey and Justin Bieber - all I want for xmas
  8. I can't seems to get over gangnam style and party rock, they just kind of pull me up if you know the feeling.
  9. I just wish most of these artiste have more manners, Chris brown went to jail back in 2012 or 13 because of Rihanna, I don't know why dmx was jailed.
  10. Lady gaga performing pokerface, it was one of the most terrifying performance I have seen my life.
  11. Movie spectre Song Sam Smith "writing's on the wall"
  12. Why would you hate this song, you must be taking it.
  13. Peterlight


    Not a fan of metal music, I did prefer electronic cos it is more danceable and rocks party.
  14. Peterlight


    I think hip hop and rnb has taking over the music industry. I can see a lot of rap music in the future and maybe less blues.
  15. I kind of listen to every music that sounds interesting starting from hip hop to blues, as long as I find it interesting and good.
  16. I think Ariana Grande is better than Selena Gomez cos she is more creative and I love her voice.
  17. It really sounds great, how old is she
  18. I kind of hate Katy Perry and Rihanna, these two are not suppose to be stars, maybe nickoledeom stars I think.
  19. What a terrible music, the dark messiah of what. Terrible terrible music.
  20. The music is cool, it speaks of the American way, believe and thought. Lol, we all think differently. Cool rap music.
  21. I don't even understand what he was rapping about in god of rap. Eminem needs to pipe down a little bit, he is too fast.
  22. Dbanj - Koko I still don't understand the meaning of the song till date.
  23. Chris brown - no air, with you Lil Wayne - lollipop Toni Braxton - Spanish guitar
  24. Panapasi Paul - great God Boyz to men - mama I wish I could spend more time with these music back then.
  25. Alicia Cara - overdose and elen Goulding - burn
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