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  1. Not from Reddit. You must be a braver soul than I. But welcome anyways! 🙂
  2. I live in Vermont, and I have one or two potentially within reasonable driving distance of me, depending on what you consider reasonable driving distance. Nothing within a 30-minute drive of me, that's for sure.
  3. It's funny you mentioned this, because now that I'm thinking about it, I can't think of any one game that I've played that stands out as having a really good character creator. I kind of liked the one in Fallout 4, but I found the lighting to be dodgy for some reason, making it hard to know exactly what your character would look like once they were in the game. I feel like a lot of games feel like more sliders = better customization. I've got be honest with you guys, I have never touched a slider in my life. If you don't know what you're doing, your character is going to end up with a face that looks like a lump of playdoh. One thing I feel like is lacking in a lot of character creators is a real variety of decent hairstyles. Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Mass Effect Andromeda were all lacking on that front, I felt like. Anybody else agree?
  4. In terms of number of hours, probably Fallout 4. Any game in which you can level up forever (and which continues to provide you suitably challenging enemies as you level) is like a pit of quicksand for me. I'm the first person to admit that Fallout New Vegas was the better game, but the level cap was something ridiculously low, like 25 or something without DLC. Fantastic game, great storytelling. But, on a replay, the minute I hit the level cap, I lose all interest in playing.
  5. The ending of Mass Effect 3. Sitting on the floor in my friend's college dorm room, at four o'clock in the morning, sobbing like a baby at having to say goodbye to all of my squadmates, at watching my Commander Shepard sacrifice herself to save the world I'd spent 100+ hours invested in. I feel like that was almost a defining moment in my life as a media consumer, something that changed forever how I look at storytelling. Every work of fiction gets held up to that yardstick now, video game or not.
  6. The Mass Effect trilogy. Literally. I have an N7 tattoo on my shoulder.
  7. It sort of depends on how much I've played the game in question. If I'm still relatively new to the game and the soundtrack is also new to me, I'll listen to that. But once I've gotten more than like 500 hours in a single game, odds are I'm sick of the soundtrack. I still need the in-game audio thought, apart from the soundtrack. So I'll usually go into settings and shut off just the music, keeping the sound effects on and dialogue and stuff on. Then I might put on my own music, depending on how much concentration the game does or doesn't require. But, to be honest, if I'm over 500 hours into a game, odds are I can probably play it in my sleep at that point lol
  8. The only one that jumps to mind off the top of my head is Batman: Arkham Asylum. Yes, I found every single Riddler trophy. I have to assume I used a walkthrough to find at least some of them, though. I can't imagine I took the time to find all hundred-something of them on my own.
  9. I'm a relatively young gamer, and the only reason I've ever heard of it was because it got namedropped in a Starbomb song once and I googled it to see what it was. Ah how times change.
  10. Seems odd to me for some reason. You'd think the people who would be into the type of thing would be people who are cyclists first and gamers second, which seems to me like it would deter cheating. But hey, I guess competition brings out the worst in all of us. It's not like Tour de France cyclists haven't been cheating with steroids for years lol
  11. The Mass Effect trilogy is literally never going anywhere. Even though I literally never play it. It's like I have some irrational fear that all copies of the game will somehow vanish off the face of the earth one day. To be fair, I do have an N7 symbol tattooed on my arm. That's slightly more forever than the games taking up permanent space on my console xD
  12. Y'all know what I'm talking about. That one boss in that one game that you could never beat, the one that makes you see red whenever you remember it. The one you would never go back and fight again even if someone was holding your kids hostage. I'm not just talking about tough boss fights, I'm talking about boss fights that were so impossible they emotionally destroyed your soul. I have one in particular in mind for me, but I'm curious what yours are 🙂
  13. The blazing fire of revenge that burns eternal in my heart
  14. Realistically? Probably cry and wait for the zombies to eat me. I mean, come on guys, the one thing we all have in common is a love for video games. When society collapses for good, the electricity and the WiFi are going to be the first things to go. I don't know about you people, but I have a hard time keeping myself occupied after five minutes when the power goes out due to a storm. What am I going to do once I've finished barricading my house and stocking up on ammo and supplies? Pine for my Xbox, that's what.
  15. Does anybody remember the main theme from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker? I never even played that game, but that main theme got me up the mother of all hills this one time when I was biking to work. Nothing is more motivating than imagining you're Big Boss on the way to save the world, and that's a fact!
  16. I played a few point-and-click PC games as a child, but I didn't really get into gaming or own a console until I was in college, when a friend introduced me to it. I really think there are a lot of video games franchises out there that are popular because people grew up playing them, and I've always sort of been locked out of the loop on that.
  17. For me, I think it depends on whether it's the type of game where there a lot of different choices / styles of play or not. For example, if it's a Fallout game, that has a lot of different character builds and lots of different endings and lots of different storyline choices, I'll probably play it again immediately to go pick all the choices I didn't pick the first time. But if it's a more linear story, like Metal Gear Solid, it might be at least a year before I pick it up and play it again.
  18. I can't imagine spending $60 on a new game. Even $40 feels like highway robbery sometimes. Especially when you consider that most new releases still have a ton of bugs that will end up being patched out later. And when you consider that that new release doesn't even include DLC or anything, it's just the vanilla game. That's the one sad thing about games being digital these days. No more buying used copies of games in the bargain bin at Walmart 😞
  19. I still play Nethack from time to time. I feel like that's almost a 1D game xD
  20. For me, it would depend on whether or not it's a game I've already played before. If it's a game that's new to me, there's only so much plot and new stuff I can absorb at once before I need to have some time to process it and think about it. I'm the same way with books and TV shows; I have no idea how people binge-watch stuff. In that situation, I might only be sitting there for an hour or two. If it's a game I've already played before and I'm familiar with, I can easily while away an entire afternoon on it.
  21. Can't help with any of the games you guys have listed. I was really into Skyrim for a while, but I only played it once. I play a lot of open-world RPGs, and I honestly don't know why Skyrim was such a huge smash hit when compared to other games in the same genre. I actually liked it less than some of the other open-world RPGs I've played. Additionally, someone needs to tell me why the Mario franchise is so popular. Maybe it's because I didn't get into gaming until I was an adult, but I've never understood the appeal of those games.
  22. Oh God, I would be doomed. I'm constantly reloading around every corner just in case there happens to be twelve boss monsters hiding behind it. I would be out of ammo in about four minutes.
  23. I'm pretty sure Limbo of the Lost is no longer available for purchase due to all the plagiarism, but, to be fair, that game wasn't exactly a triple A title to start with. Nobody's missing out on that one. It does make for some fantastic old-school Let's Plays, though.
  24. The barcode idea is cute, I like it! Personally, though, I'm not sure I'd ever want to play as someone other than Agent 47. I'm kind of emotionally attached to him at this point lol
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