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  1. Yeah - it's the strategy that gets the job done but strategies or no strategies, puzzles are a big pain in my a**.
  2. It's actually why I'm too skeptical with their new release of FIFA 22. I'd better start out with FIFA 21 as they must have completed all its bugs patches.
  3. It's always difficult for me but when I take the time to study the puzzle well and figure out how it's set and the tricks to use and overcome it, it works like a plan.
  4. Most of them are A.I assigned followers or companion. Some are quite equipped to offer a sensible support when they are with you. Although some games would turn it off if possible.
  5. It's something that been a part of their franchise and they are approaching it with the right strategy because it's paying off.
  6. I have been following the WatchMojo YouTube channel for as long as I can remember and I have never seen a poorly done review on any video games they pick up.
  7. It's all about how the controller was designed and built by Sony. It's follow come controller that I'm talking about here that got damaged before I had it replaced.
  8. What can we do to these fanboys to make our lives easier as gamers? I'm really open to any ideas and suggestions because it's getting out of hands already.
  9. I have been making use of two factor authentication for as long as I can remember and none of my accounts have been hacked. All efforts to do it have proven abortive because of the two factor authentication.
  10. When it comes to how woman pour their emotions into what they do, it almost get to the extreme breaking point. They hardy play video games on consoles or PC but when they do, it's always out of this world.
  11. It's actually fun in a way when you look at the number of games that you have completed over a short period of time and you pat yourself at the back and say, I have done well.
  12. If you kill yourself over it literally, who then would get the game or what you wished for? The answer is none, so it's all between you and yourself.
  13. You're very welcome my friend. I was ac taught how to do it by my friend too, so passing on the knowledge was definitely fulfilling for me to do so.
  14. As for Call of Duty Vanguard, I think that I'm going to doing the same thing I did with COD Modern Warfare if my schedule would permit me to do so as well.
  15. GeForce? What's that? I don't think I have heard anything about it till now. Would you please be kind enough to school me a little on it.
  16. Trading your mobile phone 📱 for Playstation 2 console? I believe that you got a far more better deal than whom you exchanged with.
  17. I don't think I have gotten to the stage where I would get to rescue the Stormcloak soldier from the Thalmor in Skyrim. What stage did that happen?
  18. This is something that's very common with most African states like Nigeria with their government involvement in sponsoring Boko Haram.
  19. It sucks that even legal services professionals would be dishonest to their client all because of money. Instead of advising them on the best way to remedy the situation, they went and have them disgraced in court.
  20. I try to update my game library at least every 5 to 8 years max. Keeping a game for 10 years plus wouldn't allow me get new games because the storage won't contain them all.
  21. It seems like you know the guy @Family sedan very well in the forum to know most of the games he's into as well. He's a fan of Need for Speed too.
  22. When you talk about hilarious bugs in FIFA games, just make your pick from the ones in the video 😂.
  23. It's not like I asked for $50,000 for crying out loud 😂. I know some people who lavishes such amount of money in night clubs like it's nothing.
  24. It's what being psychologically sick comes with. In most cases, you can't be able to tell it or even agree that there's something wrong with you at all.
  25. Why not check the possibility of hiring Xbox Series console instead of taking on such high expenses only to have it given away too soon?
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