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  1. SAKE

    Among us

    I used to play this game before it got famous but i stopped because people are leaving or voting without any reason
  2. I remember having a dr.dre headphone and i feel so cool when i use it lol
  3. SAKE

    Cut the Rope

    Played it years ago and when I cant get passed a level i got annoyed and uninstalled it
  4. I would love a mobile version of marvel vs capcom
  5. Stardew valkey is fun without any micro transaction except when you buy it
  6. Alright, I don't know... Maybe the country killing everyone that looks like me. Mi mean i can chance my appearance lol
  7. I don't know. There are some conspiracy theories that seems legit and have some basis.
  8. Maybe we are.. what if that's actually the case. But we just can't accept the fact because who wants to be identified as a parasitic entity
  9. SAKE

    Shazam or search?

    I do just type out the lyrics i still remember.
  10. Is mayonnaise an instrument? Kidding aside. I play a bit of guitar
  11. First say i survived the first wave means i need to do some surviving. I will look for a secured building with multiple exits just in case. Probably near a store because I don't want to go to the mall probably a lot of people there to risky.. never go with a group because they might sacrifice me to run lol. Go to a food warehouse or in a hardware to look for nail gun because police stations are probably already been looted
  12. I like Wreck it ralph and Peter Pan.. i also love the Meet the Robinsons
  13. The last movie i watched recently was The Darkest Mind. It's pretty cool
  14. I love horror movies because it's more entertaining to watch when you're also feeling afraid unlike other movies.. you're almost experiencing the fear the characters are feeling
  15. The only one i can remember watching when i was a kid is batman and robin. And how cool it is
  16. I love horror movies, specially zombie themed ones. Some of my favourites are. I am hero, Legion, Insidious , IT, And wrong turn 1-3
  17. My favourite movie is Insidious. I love horror movies
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