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  1. My family is huge but that's only because we're very tight knit and include the extended family. But if you want to get technical, I come from a small family. I'm one of four kids. Me being the youngest of course.
  2. I'm not a podcast type of person but there is one I keep coming back to. The Joe Rogan Experience. I don't catch it live ever but I watch it on YouTube. I love those interviews. They're all very intellectual, surprisingly.
  3. I prefer to live with just my girlfriend and our kitty cats. That kind of counts as alone. I wouldn't want roommates though. I can't stand when people don't pull their weight or pick up after themselves.
  4. Happily in a relationship. I've been with my girlfriend for a few years now. We moved in together really quick and it surprisingly worked out. We plan on getting married some time soon.
  5. I have everything under the sun. I mainly just use my personal Facebook and Instagram though. I recently made a photography profile on Instagram. I feel myself neglecting it already. lol
  6. I wasn't really bullied but I did some bullying back in my day. If you're going to come to school in rags, pick your nose in front of everyone, etc. then you should expect some not so nice comments.
  7. I currently work from home, mostly building my blog and what not. I was a manager of a grocery store just before this but I'm over the typical 9 to 5.
  8. Jerlene

    Community Chat #1

    I'm doing good right now. Just trying to kill some time while I wait for my cake to finish baking. And yourself?
  9. My brother has the wheel so I've tried both but I don't like extra crap like that unless I'm playing Duck Hunt on the old school console. That being said, I rather play just using the regular controllers only. It's bad enough I'm driving I don't want to have to make my brain get familiar with a new type of controller. Also, a regular controller is just easier to control...
  10. I loved Duck Hunt and Ninja Turtle and what not so I loved the original Nintendo. There's something about being able to take your game and okay it anywhere you go though, like we do with mobile phones. It's comforting and I like to drown out the world. So I think I'm going to have to say Gameboy takes the cake for me.
  11. No no no. You can't judge until you've played it, like reallyyyy played it. It's amazing. I don't think I've ever heard of Quake though. I'm going to have to look it up. And for the record, the soundtrack to DOOM was pretty dope, too. I think... I really only remember a lot of screaming. lol
  12. My girlfriend bought the game Thief. It looked and sounded good so I said I'd give it a go. It's total crap though. It's such a boring game. You don't really do much. I wouldn't play it again. She loves it though. lol But she likes slow games like that. I mean, one of her other favourite games is Minecraft, another boring game.
  13. Call of Duty is always difficult for me. I almost always get the same amount of deaths as I do kills. It sucks and it's very frustrating. This keeps me from getting addicted though. I hate playing a game that I can't dominate.
  14. Have you gotten Carpal tunnel syndrome yet? It was apart of the news that Carpal tunnel syndrome is ending a lot of gamer's careers. I can see how this would happen though. There's a certain level of gaming that you don't come back from. lol My brother was addicted. He would spend all his free time gaming and it hurt his hand. I don't think it was Carpal tunnel though. He ended up running over his games and console to prove to himself that he didn't need it. It worked. But do you game on that level?
  15. Old consoles are coming back in style. If you get it in store it will run you a few hundred bucks. If you get it online you can get it as cheap as $40 brand new. If you want a cheap version go to the Wish app. Trust me, in store isn't much better. I bought a new Sega brand new from Officemax and it sucked. I played for a total of 10 minutes and ended up selling it. But were you one of the people that gave into this fad? They have the old Nintendo, the original Playstation, Dreamcast, etc. It was a major throwback. Loved it.
  16. Jerlene

    PS3 worth.

    I bought a PS3 that was modified to have a 2TB hard drive. I got it used from GameStop for $120 or something and I think this was including the four games that I bought. Anyway, I don't use it anymore and put the whole bundle up for sale on Facebook. Everyone was laughing because I guess I was asking way too much. I put the console, two controllers(one original) and four games up for sale and was asking $150 for all of it. Do you think this was a reasonable price? If not, how much should I be asking for? I really just wanted to get what I spent back. It doesn't seem like that's possible though.
  17. DOOM was the best PC game out there when I was growing up. I played it whenever I had the chance and loved it. It was very gory and definitely rated R. lol Did you play DOOM back in the day? I say back in the day because any updated version can't beat the way the game was. I liked the way that it looked so nineties. But is there any PM game out there that is better than DOOM in your opinion? I'd like to check it out. In all these years I haven't found a game that was better[on the PC].
  18. Jerlene


    Does anyone here play Township? I've been asking at every forum I post on and so far no one plays this game. This is crazy to me since the game has millions of downloads, over 100 million I think. It's a really good game and highly addictive if you play and like games like Farmville. Basically you build a town but the best part of the game is the regatta, where you compete in a co-op against other co-ops. You complete tasks for points and whichever team has the highest amount of points they win. Seriously, download Township!
  19. I'm one of those people that doesn't communicate much while playing so I've never been banned but I think if I was my language would get me banned daily. I have game rage. Lol
  20. Those damn skeletons can really be a pain in the butt. Lol. It would be nice to be able to clean everything up. And I like the idea of the cola bottle border.
  21. The northern lights are pretty awesome. I really Ancestor Glade. The light beaming in really adds something.
  22. Thanks for sharing this. I checked it out and that's quiet bit of savings. Might have to add to my library soon. 🙂
  23. As much money as they're trying to make by making people get a PS4 to play together I think in the long run they will realize that they might lose money this way too. It's too limiting.
  24. I wholeheartedly agree with u ApolloVI those were the best experiences. Not that I'm complaining about online play but it is more disconnecting. Most of the time you have no idea who you're playing with.
  25. Not even a little bit. Lol. My favorite weapons are usually shot guns or automatics. No zombie stand a chance.
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