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  1. I'm the complete opposite. I dont have the patience to sit and wait. I prefer running and shooting. Theres more excitement in it that way.
  2. My mobile gaming usually happens on commercials breaks when watching tv. It becomes too strenuous for my eyes to use it for long periods of time.
  3. Even though PC games have better graphics and it cam be used for multiple purposes I think many like myself like the feel of the controller in our hands. Plus I keep too many valuables on my PC to use it for high volume gaming. You never know what can leak in.
  4. I hope this is not the case. I much rather play this way and would hate for that to be taken away. I hope there's enough of us out there to keep that from happening.
  5. I've been stuck on call of duty since I got introduced to it years ago. So for me it will definitely be Black Ops 4. I dont know what it is about it but no other shooter game got me so involved.
  6. I prefer open world games but that may be because I'm just curious. I like to explore and not be limit to path.
  7. I completely agree with you. Games in first person are way more comfortable and easier to control. And I get what u mean by saying that it seems as the world is spinning around u. I hate that sometimes. I feel that games should have a option to choose which point you'd like to play from.
  8. In my earlier gaming years I was predominantly a PC person. It was just more convenient for me. More recently it's been a mix of mobile and PS3.
  9. Personally I enjoy playing sport games more than playing sports in real life. I've tried basketball, soccer and football. I'm still trying to get a better hang of it but regardless of how bad I am at it I enjoy it.
  10. Jerlene

    Sims Games

    I think Sims was one of the first games I played that I was hooked on. I've played all if not most of them, and had countless hours of fun. If you've enjoyed similar games I think you will definitely enjoy it. No harm in giving it a go.
  11. That's awesome. It's a good game to pass the time when bored. I'm gonna go check it out. Can't beat the price.
  12. It's nice to have a big library, it gives you options. I personally only have a few but I think that's because I like hard copies better.
  13. I hate when people play multiplayer but play it as if they're on a solo mission. They end up not helping you with anything, leave you stranded on a map, or just want u there to keep them alive so they can boost their stats.
  14. The only time I needed a refund on a game was a while back. I purchased Mario allstar for the Wii and so did my girlfriend so there was no need for us to have two. Couldn't get my full money back only trade it in for store credit so now I still have two Mario games.
  15. I am a bit behind on the new games and packs that come out. Lack of money and lack of time make it a little difficult especially with how fast the gaming world advances daily.
  16. I'm in the same boat. I agree graphically it's amazing and I've enjoyed playing it but I dont get the big hype.
  17. Greysun_morales I have to agree that Pokemon needs to make a huge comeback in a less PG form. Being able to actually control the battle yourself and and more graphics to it.
  18. I spend between 3 to 4 hours between my phone games ps3 and PC. If I could I would do it all day. It's the best way to relax. I envy people who do it for a living.
  19. I usually go for physical copies because I'm afraid of losing the digital somehow. Even though physicals get damaged if used too long or not cared for properly I'd rather take my chances there.
  20. One game I definitely missed from my childhood was Worms. It was my favorite game as a kid and I would say it still is. I got it on Amazon and it's still as awesome as ever.
  21. Haven't bought a new game in a while but the most recent was Thief for play station 3. It was good but it needs some upgrades.
  22. Last game I played on ps3 was minecraft. Simple yet a great way to pass the time. And on mobile its candy crush. Still as addicting as ever.
  23. I agree, Stranger Things would make a awesome video game. I would love to see Power as a video game. It would be like a different take on GTA.
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