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  1. Yes, sometimes. Although I like having it very quiet which works the best with headphones, but I'm usually afraid of breaking them in my sleep or something.
  2. I've watched this anime just for this scene. It was alright, but it had it's moments.
  3. Watched half of Rojst 97 last night. Good show.
  4. Every time I play card games with different people the rules are different too lol
  5. chevvy

    When Your PC Dies

    I just do art traditionally or go on walks and stuff. Sometimes I take care of things like planned doctor appointments and other boring stuff I've been putting off. Or just get some good sleep at last.
  6. Muck. Basically a free to play bootleg Valheim with fun chest mechanic. Weird, but simple enough to hop on, have some fun and hop off.
  7. In the old days of Tera if you attacked a random player you a debuff that made it so you can't turn off PvP for some amount of time. I hit a low level player once because I was curious how much dmg I'd do and I killed them. Couldn't shake off PKs for a while after that, died a lot and lost a lot of exp.
  8. Vertically only because I have no room for it otherwise lol
  9. Decided to ask here: am I the only one who's controller keeps disconnecting randomly? Thought it was Windows's fault, but happens with console too.
  10. Actually good and fun mmorpgs that aren't focused on squeezing money out of players.
  11. There's waaay too much titles and I feel like most of them are overhyped.
  12. Yes and I don't see why people say it's bad.
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