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  1. The hardest video game I've ever played to be completely honest with you would honest to god have to be something from SNES a long ways back and that's Toy Story. Because you said hardest I just went ahead and gave you the example. But most older games are hard to play.
  2. We pay for Xbox Live and also Netflix. That's about it but it's quite enjoyable nowadays to say the least to at least have a couple subscriptions depending on what they are.
  3. Oblivion is a fun game. I actually enjoy elder scrolls quite a bit. Excited to see what releases and looking forward to much more then that out of the new elder scrolls when it releases. Wait to go Bethesda.
  4. The best one is probably battlefield V. What can I say other then the fact that there's never been a better game I have played that EA created. It's by far in the top list of games I will ever play.
  5. Yeah the game looks amazing. Although there are other games I would really like to play including a different zelda game that was released that looks nothing like it. But great game it is.
  6. I always put mine on Normal starting out but I never put it on easy as I can't say why anyone wouldn't at least want a fair challenge. To me it's a good mix of not too hard but also a challenge. That seems to be the standard play setting for any game I play.
  7. Probably anything that has to do with Pokemon. I enjoy my life and I'm very happy with it. Pokemon tends to be the main universe that is similar to me. If your life wasn't happy it would be hard to say that but mine is.
  8. I would have to say Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist or Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Any type of card game like that is incredibly innovative. There are so many balances that need to be dealt with and the fact that the Pokemon Company and Konami are able to balance them so well is amazing.
  9. Gamestop and other companies are actually now selling old consoles and games so while expensive, you can still relive your childhood that way. Although no one wants to pay for it. I don't emulate because it's not worth the risk to me when there are numerous and so many good games already released for the Xbox Series X and what used to be the Xbox One. There's just no point.
  10. Anything with Mario in it. Mario Kart racing for the Nintendo Switch, super mario odyssey, crash team racing, pokemon Lets go Pikachu, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Just examples. There are numerous games for kids but most of it is on the Nintendo Switch.
  11. Some of the enemies that are in Gears of War give me chills. The way some of the enemies look like some horrific type of extraterrestrial are not only scary but make me wonder what if this was actually some type of species somewhere in the universe. Would be quite insane. But definitely Gears enemies. Especially that huge brute thing that you can't kill unless he bumps until stuff. I forgot what it's called but the enemies on Gears of War are interesting to say the least.
  12. I can agree with @Razor1911 When you start the campaign for most the early Halo stages it's a bit boring in the first couple missions but becomes extremely fun later on. Same goes with GTA as the campaign takes playing a little bit. Other games that are boring in the beginning are most elder scrolls games. Then you start to play it and it's super fun.
  13. Yeah, it's sort of like certain games where you can choose to go the evil route or be good. So I know what you mean by that. For example in elder scrolls I usually choose not to rob people or be a pit pocket though my friend does it all the time. I notice it when I'm playing online with someone what they usually tend to choose.
  14. Dying Light 2 should be one of the best games to get when it come out. Definitely eager to try that out. Other games I am looking forward to is Halo 6 Infinite and the new Call of Duty that's after cold war. Cold War is a good game but it gets boring at times and I thought Modern Warfare was better so I am intrigued by the thought of a brand new one for the Series X just as those are for the PS4. Should be interesting.
  15. Excited about the new battlefield. It seems to be getting better and better each time they release a new one. The past battlefield being V was a blast and I am very excited for them to release this for the Series X. The updated graphics and gameplay should make for a very good game.
  16. The main problem with Stadia is there just aren't enough games for it. They need to expand their games library, otherwise there is no point whatsoever in continuing to run the platform. No one wants to buy it if there isn't an expansive game library, there's just no point. I don't think there's any reason to scrap it. It does seem like it could be a successful platform but they should work with more game developers and even make exclusive.
  17. I have not yet played it but I've really been meaning to because it looks like such a fun game. Would really be excited to buy it as Watch Dogs especially the new one I hear is an excellent game. The GTA type style gameplay is what I like with it's own touch and take on open world.
  18. It doesn't take me but a day to get adjusted to a game. Some older people aren't very skilled in video games and may have trouble. I completely understand this but other times you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of young people who are super good at it and it's not that hard. If it takes someone over a week to get used to a game then that's sad. It would take me a day on most games.
  19. Cortana from Halo tends to make me feel that way. Really because it's a super hot chick but she's stuck inside a computer. Always wonder if master chief actually has feelings for her but can never get her out of the device she's inside. I mean it's like someone trapped inside a device. Now that's a bit funny. The woman you love is trapped inside of a computer.
  20. Volgar the Viking is super hard to beat. It's an India game and lots of Indie games are hard to actually get to higher levels. A friend and I used to play it and try to get as far as we could. But it's so hard. You have to start over each time you die. Games like that can be boring sometimes but other times it's actually fairly fun to give it a try.
  21. It's not half that bad. The design is sleeker and more attractive in my opinion. A good design. I wouldn't say flawless but they got their work cut out for them I will at least say that. They did a good job on the controller.
  22. Would be Halo 2. One of my favorite memories as a 12 year old child was modding it and making people mad in lobbies, boosting, and modding my rank. Though it may seem shady, I was only 12 years old and those are memories I will cherish forever. I'm still on the main site se7ensins where I learned to mod and am still a member. I never modded past the original xbox or took it to the 360 or further because of the way things changed so fast. You get banned quick.
  23. Probably because so many people complain about the games to be honest. Most people constantly complain and say a game isn't good when in reality it's amazing. They just don't want to release something people won't like. However, I would hope they would come out with some more multiplayer shooter games - First person. Because they are in decline when it comes to that. I want more games like Halo fast-paced action shooters to release.
  24. I have issues with my thumbstick on one controller. I was actually surprised what a little rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip could do. Almost completely fixed it. I ended up giving up on the controller but if I had of kept trying it would have been fixed no problem.
  25. I got so lucky and got mine when there was hardly any of them in stock. Surprised at the fact that stock came in and then it would go out almost immediately. I added it to my cart and stock went out. I couldn't believe that. But I managed to click buy right as stock came in on microsofts site and got lucky. Microsofts main site was the only place I could get one and it's still the best place to try.
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