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    Akun reacted to Shagger in No to a genre?   
    I'm not sure if this counts as a genre, but I do avoid the "Soulsborne" type games as much as possible. The closest thing I've played to such a game that I've actually liked is Jedi: Fallen Order. I've long since accepted that, despite loving RPG's and 3rd person action/adventure games, the "Soulborne" just aren't made for me. I hate thier gameplay tropes, like no pausing (And that really is ridiculous in a single play game) and the sluggish combat. I hate the way they look, it the same dreary, demon underworld cliché every time. But most of all, I hate the trial and error philosophy behind the so-called "challenge". There're not hard games, merely cryptic ones loaded with beginners traps and cheap enemy AI that prays on one's natural instincts as a gamer rather than combat your techniques and strategies in a natural way.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in Do you have any story game suggestions?   
    I actually played Detroit:become human a few months ago though I was a bit reluctant but finally decided to give it a try.
    It was fun for most part and the story develops quite well maybe the ending wasn't so great but it was worth it.
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    Akun got a reaction from Justin11 in Content-related deal-breakers in deciding to play a game?   
    True, but even with movies and TV shows, I'm biased against medieval settings. It's why I prefer Star Wars over Lord of the Rings, and why I haven't bothered with Game of Thrones.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in Favourite and least favourite genre?   
    For most part BioShock was fun the plot twists and the storyline are good as well.
    I didn't even realize until later in the game that jack was just a pawn under Fontaine’s hypnotic control and then he was later brainwashed into killing Ryan.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in Content-related deal-breakers in deciding to play a game?   
    That's interesting, so you wouldn't play videogames like age of empires or even any of the assassin's Creed games where representation of the medieval period are in display.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in gaming and our connection with others   
    I sometimes just want to sit all by myself with some music on and playing videogames not because I don't enjoy playing it with others but because that's just want I feel like doing at the moment.
    It's okay to want to be all alone at times and as long as you are in complete control of what you want and how you feel.
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    Akun got a reaction from killamch89 in A Simpler Time   
    I wouldn't trade my Internet for watching tumbleweeds. Part of that is because I was raised that way, spoiled by the modern age. If I had grew up in the Wild West, I wouldn't miss any of this, of course.
    Plus, I'm pretty sure Singapore was still under British colonial rule in the 1880s. No thanks.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in PlayStation exclusives being ported to PC   
    Sometimes you are really interested in a particular video game but wouldn't be able to play because maybe it was an exclusive at the time, it's a good thing that the PlayStation exclusive are now coming to pc.
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    Akun got a reaction from The Blackangel in Flirting   
    1) I'm too insecure to flirt with anyone.
    2) See question 1.
    3) No. I take adultery very seriously, even with fictional characters.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in Best Video Game Opening   
    I think I have to reconsider my decision not to play Detroit: become human.
    I get a lot of good reviews about the game from friends and also in this community.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in Top 5 favourite gaming rivalries?   
    Finally someone mentions this two I was already planning on mentioning but then I came across your comments.
    Even in the movie they were strong rivalries.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in What has made you cry hardest in a video game?   
    This was a really emotional scene I was a bit heartbroken by the cruelty of man displayed in the game.
    He deserved to be shot or tortured for doing that to his own brother.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in PlayStation is giving top Stars members ‘priority’ in customer support   
    That's true, it's not a bad idea to give priority to your customers but make it more transparent and give every equal treatment and attention whenever the need arises.
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    Akun reacted to Shagger in General Gaming Discussion   
    So they got Ben Stiller, LeBron James and John Travolta into this bizarre God of War: Ragnarök commercial...
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    Thanks for the info.
    Have you used your modded switch to play any video game so far and which video games do you have on it.
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    Akun got a reaction from Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    Well, the good news is that the Committee of Zero patch is almost finished, about 98 or 99% done, and should be released by the end of November when they're done fixing up some last minute bugs (a result of the "unpatched version" that you want to play).
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    I knew the OLED would be a hard nut to crack , its  quite an expensive console and modding it only add to the expenses.
    I would go for the second hand Gen 1 or better still a new one and try modding it myself.
    I just want to have the satisfaction of modding a console myself and playing the unpatched version of chaos; head.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    I so much wanted to know more about modifications but I still haven't been able to get my hands around it.
    I heard of the modded switch but it's not really available here as I thought and only a few had access to it, if it takes me a while to be able to Chaos; head Noah I am willing to wait.
    Hopefully it's available on my switch OLED version but I don't think it would be as good as the modified version.
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    Akun reacted to Shagger in Dead Video Game Studios   
    I will never deny myself a chance to tell the world how much I hate EA...

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    Akun reacted to DC in Trick or Treat - Participate Daily   
    Congrats @Akun, you've won a $5 Amazon gift card. You have 24 hours to claim. PM me your email address.
    @Techno and @Shagger - you both receive 0 Points. It was a Trick.
    Just a couple days left and I am giving away one more $5 Amazon Gift Card. Be sure to Trick or Treat daily.
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    Akun reacted to The Blackangel in Disc vs Digital   
    I did a search but couldn't find a topic like this.
    What does everyone think here? Personally, I say always go for the disc capable version of a console as opposed to a strictly digital version. The disc capable versions of a system do absolutely the exact same things the digital version does, with the added bonus of being able to run a disc is you so choose. One thought is that there is the possibility of a game you want being exclusively disc. If you digital, you would be shit out of luck. Even if you never buy a disc for any reason, at least you have the option. Isn't it better to have too much than not enough? And what about your games from the previous system? Do you want to have to buy the game again, or be able to use the same disc that you already have?
    It just seems both smarter and wiser to go with a disc capable version of a system to me.
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    Akun got a reaction from kingpotato in The worst job   
    Handing out leaflets from block to block. I'm really not physically fit and handing them out fast to every single apartment everyday just isn't suitable for me. I prefer an office job (or at least just standing on a street corner and hand these things out without moving).
    I've also worked McDonald's once. Quit after a day because the boss was a hardass. lol I don't really mind the dishwashing or even taking out the trash, but being pressured on the first day of my job wasn't something I was comfortable with, even as a teenager. My parents dished out enough verbal punishments on that front at home.
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    Akun got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in PlayStation is giving top Stars members ‘priority’ in customer support   
    What's not to understand? It's an inherently flawed and biased system that guarantees quality support to privileged and entitled members only. And what you're saying is that anyone who doesn't put hundreds of hours into their PS games should just suck it up and put up with shitty customer service if there are bugs and issues? I'm sorry, but that's insulting.
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    Akun got a reaction from killamch89 in Songs You Remember From Your Childhood   
    I didn't grow up with this so much as discover it in my 20s.
    Still such an iconic song.
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    Akun reacted to Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    If only I was as Interested in anime games as you are, the issue is I can't even get hold of one even if I try to because of how little they are displayed on stores close to me.
    Maybe In the future I might get into anime games since I enjoy watching anime as well.
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