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The Blackangel

A Simpler Time

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The year is 1880. The Wild West is still wild. There is no electricity or indoor plumbing. Outlaw gangs are common. Survival is often commonly drives people to outlawry. If you could live back then, would you?

I absolutely would. A dream of mine is to have a simple one room cabin with a fireplace with a chimney. No electricity or plumbing. The fireplace for light, heat, and cooking.

I’ve always dreamed of living 100+ years ago.

The modern age sucks.

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Living in an age without Penicillin would be a short life, but I’d love to live in an older time. Everything would be much simpler to work right down the road and when you are done go home and sleep in the open air. No mosquitoes or too much humidity would be ideal. You depend on your own strength if your village is raided unlike today you get mowed down with a gun. But my simpler life would be in an age without guns well before the 1800’s. I’m thinking more like 500 BC. 

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I wouldn't trade my Internet for watching tumbleweeds. Part of that is because I was raised that way, spoiled by the modern age. If I had grew up in the Wild West, I wouldn't miss any of this, of course.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Singapore was still under British colonial rule in the 1880s. No thanks.

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