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  1. What do you drive? What would you like to drive? How often do you take your bike out? How expensive was your ride? Do you socialize with other bikers? What times of year do you do your most motorcycle stuff?
  2. Do you paint or draw? Do you like digital art? Where did you learn to do whatever art you do? How good are you? Myself, I like digital art - as in DAZ, Blender, stuff like that, but I haven't tried that much in regard to drawing. Well, my main thing is music.
  3. Jayson


    What do you like to read as in genres? What are some specific books you enjoy? Have you ever thought about writing a book? What might be a challenge for you? Where do you buy books? Do you get books at your library often or sometimes?
  4. Jayson


    What do you like to cook? How often do you cook? Are you good at cooking? What are your best dishes? How would you compare your cooking to eating out? How often do you eat out each week? Do you eat cheaper stuff always?
  5. Do you think this is cool? Anyway, couldn't thieves watch your every move? What about people who seem to brag? Anyway, though, bragging isn't always annoying to everyone. Anyway, everything that people do in their lives cannot be interesting enough to post online - or can it be?
  6. What languages do you know? Where did you learn them? Did you self-learn or take courses? Did you do both? How difficult was it to learn what you know? What is the most difficult language you know? What is the easiest one? For those not into coding, what would you like to learn, if you wanted to do that?
  7. How long have you had them? When did you get started? How good are you at your hobbies? How much time do you engage in your hobbies? Do you plan on finding new ones? What are they?
  8. Is it a house or apartment or something else? How much did you pay? Do you rent? What is your rent? What color is your house, if you have one? Have you done remodeling work on it? How much a challenge was that? How much did it cost?
  9. How much did you pay? Was it new or used? What condition was it in? Does it have a strange novelty like being a stick-shift? Where did you buy it? Do you feel you got a deal? Do you regret your purchase in any way?
  10. I don't use one. I used to but now I don't have access to a satellite, only Roku. Anyway, though, DVRs are a lot of fun and very useful. Well, at least, though, on Roku, most of the stuff seems to be "on demand".
  11. I can't really say I like opera. Nonetheless, I haven't really explored the genre enough. I mean, again, I don't want to be closed-minded. Anyway, though, one stumbling block is that so much is written in Italian. What is some good English language opera?
  12. They don't? What is Full Metal Jacket about? Well, I mean, you were there. I don't get what you're saying. Can you provide details? Pretty much all the military is a clean freak environment. It's like working in a restaurant.
  13. Some movies have ads. In that case, why don't they lower the ridiculously high prices, lol? Anyway, are there movies now with no ads. What is the trend? I haven't been to the movies in a year or so.
  14. Jayson

    Ads on TV

    TV that comes via the air is free. In that case, the TV is paid for by ads. Now, with paid TV, you still got ads. What is the justification? Now with Roku, I can sort of understand the situation. Nobody pays a bill to have free Roku.
  15. The product placement in Grown Ups is very blatant. Well, if the product placement is so "in your face" then doesn't that ruin the movie? Surely, that must annoy a lot of people. Finally, what are the companies getting? We will seemingly never know!
  16. I thought Paul Blart movies were good. It had a very interesting unique thing about it. It was very cute and heartwarming. Well, I haven't seen the 2nd one but I assume it's like the first.
  17. Jayson

    New Eminem Song

    Well, if this isn't aggressive and cool enough, then I don't know what is. I mean, give me a break! I hope he keeps shelling out stuff like this in the future. Anyway, who saw his Super Bowl appearance?
  18. @Crazycrab You mean Eminem said nobody listens to techno? Well, I don't think it has mass appeal or ever has. Well, do you consider disco techno? It had mass appeal in the 70s. Does techno have mass appeal in Europe or is that some stereotype?
  19. Why do you think it has become that way? Has the incentive to make music went down? Is non-lame talent simply being hidden from view? What is going on?
  20. Jayson

    New Eminem Song

    I think the song is very powerful and unique among Eminem's stuff. Actually, I've never heard this speed rapping before. It's revolutionary, lol. No, it really is.
  21. Celebrities are often hounded by gold-diggers looking for lawsuits. Well, as with Eminem, they had what seemed to be an easy target - as he writes deeply personal lyrics. However, they didn't win, generally speaking. Anyway, as a side note, some had legit reasons to have feelings hurt, but you know, the money still sounds good, lol.
  22. Jayson


    I don't collect them, but they'd be a cool hobby to get into. I enjoy the artwork and the different sound they produce. However, I'm not sure if the sound is better. What do you all think? Well, I know that a vinyl captures some sounds in recording that a CD or Mp3 doesn't get. Well, that's what I think I read.
  23. I took a band class to learn snare. I learned drumset by casually watching other drummers and ordering book/audio combos. There was no YouTube back in those days. Anyway, these days good learning can be done for free, but the flash of professional advertisements still makes paid lessons very attractive.
  24. It would be tempting to say techno, but I haven't really listened to enough to make an opinion. I mean, I don't want to be closed-minded. I'm sure there is some good techno out there. Well, who has heard the song "Cars" from the 70s?
  25. Some games, like maybe the 1st Mario Bros game, can be downloaded on the net and played. Who plays those? Where can you find these games? Are there any that are more complex than the 1st Mario game or some Atari thing?
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