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  1. The original Mario is simply too easy for me, not being arrogant. I can beat the whole game in a few hours, maybe one hour I think. It's because I'm not a kid. Anyway, what problem does this phenomenon hold for you? Can you truly still enjoy these simple games?
  2. Well, with Mario and Donkey Kong I figure it's hard to exhaust things. They can just keep making new worlds for them to play in. Anyway, I love those games so I want them to continue seemingly forever. Why not? Anyway, this is sure not like Hollywood movies where perhaps the best idea is to not do a remake, lol.
  3. I suppose an older person would have to try harder - as with anything else. Nonetheless, honestly, I figure nursing homes are quite boring, lol - so gaming would be good to get into. What is the gaming scene there? I'm sure some people game - considering the older generation has been around video games. How advanced are the games - or do they prefer simple Nintendo games or something?
  4. I had bought Paper Mario, but couldn't understand it at all. Also the same was true with Ray Man. Maybe somebody can get something out of them, but they seem like rip-offs. I guess I wasn't doing something right. Someone had to enjoy them - for them to be so popular, maybe, lol.
  5. Critics of video games say kids aren't getting enough exercise. Of course, no exercise might be a major culprit in depression and other health problems. Anyway, I'm not to the extreme to get rid of games, but kids need to get into physical activity. Yeah, of course, gaming is fun - so would eliminate depression to various degrees.
  6. I haven't played enough of them to say. However, I want to! Anyway, what is your favorite racing game or games? What is your favorite type of racing game? What are your achievements? Have you played online? O.K., of course I've played Mario Kart across different versions of Nintendo. I also used to like this motorcycle one for Sega back in the 90s.
  7. I love to play billiards, commonly known as pool, so I suppose I'd like those kind of games. Who has played any? Do you use it to improve your off-line game? What are the best billiard games or ones you own? Have you played online? Are you good at this niche? What achievements?
  8. It would be Nintendo Switch set up the best it could be. I like the Switch cause of Mario and Donkey Kong. Anyway, the setup might include all the things needed for online gaming and a stereo system for the TV and steering wheel controller, whatever that enhances things. Of course, the set-up would include all the games I can get that I really like! That would be tons of Mario type games, sports, and racing ones.
  9. I've punked out, lol, a few times and just gone to a cheating video or something. Nonetheless, that can be regrettable, especially if the answer was easy, but it just wasn't apparent for some reason. No, I wouldn't want the easy way out of a game if I could help it. The point is the struggle. That's what makes it fun.
  10. Always fun to walk around in. Anyway, I'm sure used games are always cheaper than say, Wal-Mart. Nonetheless, used games might not always be the better deal. Anyway, maybe Gamestop usually has a better selection of games than non-gaming stores. Can anyone clue me in on this? Who has sold games to Gamestop? Who has worked there or be a person buying most of their games there? How would you compare it to other gaming stores or non-gaming stores?
  11. Well, it's not just gaming. It's just the idea that people need a routine. For instance, in prison, for example, (sorry for extreme example - LOL) people struggle for this more than anything - cause they don't want to go insane. Now, myself, I can always keep busy with massive internet projects. The one I'm doing now is creating a music lesson site.
  12. If anything, Covid-19 is causing a gaming boom - due to the fact people are locked up. Nonetheless, physical game stores are suffering - because they are non-essential businesses. Well, unless they have some kind of online store on social media maybe. I haven't seen any, though. Has anyone else?
  13. When I'm playing sports video games, I'm more likely to want to play real sports probably. It causes sports to be on my mind more. However, though, I haven't played sports games in years - and I can't really say if playing games did cause me to play sports more. Well, this is just something I think could occur - with more probability.
  14. Well, I was a kid in the 80s and a teen in the early 90s. In that case, primitive systems would have been stuff like the first Nintendo console, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn. Can anyone name more from that time?
  15. Possibly those games are fun - but I needed a cheat guide for the first level. They seemed impossible and Rayman even seemed boring.
  16. It with Pitfall Harry in the 80s. Well, there was this one tough scene that took me forever to get thru. O.K., who has played that Atari game? Wait, it may have not been the original version of the game. I forgot what version it was.
  17. It would be Donkey Kong/Mario games for sure. I can't get enough of it. Also, Mario Kart would be in the list.
  18. I loved Legend of Zelda on some primitive Nintendo console - but didn't continue getting into those games.
  19. They plan to give everyone, aside from doctors, billionaires etc.. around $1,000, maybe more I think. Do you think this will heal the economic fallout? Well, it seems like even Republicans are backing this - possibly cause the economy will tank - without government intervention.
  20. They seem to think everyone is dumb - which seems to be a form of narcissism. I mean, who do they think they are? They have some special wisdom - and want to preach to the sheep. Yeah, that's what they think of ordinary people! How does that make - you feel - LOL? Oh, also, do you feel their conspiracy theories are even worth taking serious - even a little?
  21. Well, I say, "Better safe than sorry!". Anyway, the government has promised to send checks to everyone to help cover any loss. Well, people in authority aren't stupid - like some anti-government people seem to think. If they say something is bad, shouldn't we obey their advice?
  22. Well, a bio-war lab is in Wuhan. I mean, put two and two, together! Nonetheless, it's also true that "wet meat" markets are in Wuhan.
  23. Seriously, it would probably be women's volleyball - LOL. That's assuming they're not wearing a one piece!
  24. Jayson

    Play vs watch

    I agree with the OP - I can't get into watching. Well, when I was a kid, I liked watching American football and basketball, but later in life, I got this attention problem. Anyway, I can totally pay attention to a game if I'm playing it - either on a video game or physical.
  25. Jayson


    I loved floor hockey in high school. It seemed to be the most fun game I've ever played. Anyway, due to the climate in the South USA, there's no chance of playing ice hockey - and I've never tried it. However, I like roller-skating and floor hockey - so I'd probably love it.
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