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  1. I don't have a gaming PC, so I don't really use my PCs for stuff beyond poker machine and chess games. Anyway, what I have is an HP (2018) and eMachines (2011) which are both in good condition for respective ages. Oh, by the way, the HP, unlike the eMachines, is memory upgradeable.
  2. It was the original Nintendo, though, I have no memory of it! In fact, I have more memory of the Atari I had (Note: This was back in the 1980s when I was a kid.). Anyhow, I do remember the first time I played Nintendo, though (at my cousin's home). It was the coolest thing ever - because it was so much more advanced than Atari.
  3. What do you mean? I think you mean putting Atari - probably all the games - on a Nintendo disc or something. Well, that's been done for Super Mario Bros games, the original ones. In fact, that's called Super Mario All Stars.
  4. I buy mine from less glamorous places like Wal-Mart, Target, and especially Game Stop. Also, most of the time I buy used - and those would be the ones from Game Stop. Anyway. I'd like to get into online buying, but I just don't game that much.
  5. Qbert, Asteroids, Pitfall Harry were some. Anyway, Pitfall Harry was my favorite and I remember one level took me days to beat. OK, what games do you like?
  6. I think the deals are awesome! Nonetheless, some might feel that online deals are better. You know places like Steam, eBay, Amazon. So how do you feel about the matter?
  7. You can get a Wii for around 80 USD and a Wii U for around 150 USD. Also, there are similar deals for PlayStation and Xbox. Therefore, what do you have to lose - assuming you don't think online deals are cheaper? Do you think they are?
  8. I haven't tried that stuff. Anyway, how much did you make? Do you feel it was profitable? Are you planning on doing it again?
  9. Jayson

    Sports Games

    I like playing sports video games and doing them in real life. Nonetheless, I cannot stand watching sports and I'm normally not good at sports - either online or off. Basically, I'm more into playing music. Anyway, I do love jogging, but that's not really a sport unless you do marathons.
  10. I can't really say. Anyway, it seems like I played Pole Position when I was 8-years-old. Of course, that was a game for Atari - a system popular when I was a kid. I was a kid in the 1980s.
  11. Yeah, definitely I want to play the Atari Flashback. I mean, I grew up in the 80s and one of my favorite games was Pitfall Harry. It would be fun to tackle that again! That should be worth a look!
  12. By all means, Nintendo is my favorite, so owning it would be cool. I mean, it's my first choice in gaming - mainly cause it has the brands I especially like. They would be Mario and Donkey Kong.
  13. No, not really cause I don't do much of it. Also, when I do go thru splurges where I play a lot - well, I just don't get bored! I'm caught up in the excitement!
  14. I have tinnitus so I try to avoid noise at all costs. In that case, I'd pass on the headphones. Anyway, it would be awesome to listen to headphones - as I did much when younger with music.
  15. I'm Jason (real name) from Eastern Tennessee. I like gaming, of course, playing musical instruments, jogging, 3D art creation. Is anyone else into these hobbies? Who has been near my area?
  16. Jayson


    Sorry to say I'm 41 now. But anyhow, I still massively enjoy life and can do as much as before. Are there any other 40ish people on here?
  17. I like Mario type games the most. That would also include Donkey Kong, Banjo-kazooie. Anyway, another genre I equally like is racing. I love Mario Kart and possibly I would like other racing ones if tried.
  18. It might have been that time I beat that pesky level on Pitfall Harry (on Atari). I had been trying for weeks and never could! Anyway, I'm sure there were plenty of other times. I mean, I can think of all sorts of difficult bosses on Mario games.
  19. I don't spend that much and now it's even nilch, nothing. I mean, I lent out my Nintendo Wii to my 8-year-old nephew. Anyway, I have been hoping to get the Wii U now - since it's used price has massively dropped. OK, anyway, there have been times in my life when I played more. I played a lot as a kid - and I mean before the teen years - and I have went thru times, say snow-ins, where I've made progress on the Super Mario Galaxy stuff.
  20. Honestly, I never really got into it, so to speak. It was just a part of the culture as it is for many people. I mean, being a kid in the 1980s, naturally, I was drawn toward Atari and Nintendo and from there - I just kept gaming all thru life. Anyway, though, I game way less than I did when I was a kid - and even then, I don't think I was obsessed - minus a thing with Mario, Pitfall Harry, and this World War II bombing game.
  21. Jayson

    Sims Games

    When I was a kid I loved making make believe worlds. In fact, these worlds would have animal people, road maps, oceans, you name it. However, though, later in life, I haven't gotten into SIMS, even though, given my personality and past, I'd probably like it. So who has tried it and what is your feedback?
  22. I like sports games. In fact, I have liked nearly all I have played. So are they any sports games you haven't played? I've tried hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, and American Football.
  23. Anyone played them? I've tried the Sega Flashback, but I didn't really like it too much. I mean, some of the few good games are Chess, the Sonic Series, and Sonic Spinball. Anyway, though, this is to be expected as the graphics and challenges are very primitive.
  24. I think this is sort of silly, but then again, I'm not hip with the gaming scene. So you're saying "single player" is going out? Well, that's how I've always played and I'm sure millions of people do the same. Why? It's because it's not always so easy to find online opponents or opponents in the gaming room with you.
  25. I played this World War II one (Apple) that was a blast and also there was that Pitfall Harry game (Atari). Anyway, I have no idea how to find that World War II one, but at least the Atari one might be on the Atari Flashback. So has anyone played those games?
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