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  1. Cops are not liked in many white areas. Many are on a power trip it seems like. However, though, being a cop is about being "in-control" and macho and all that. However, when does it go too far?
  2. The CCP wants to weaken the US. It's documented. Well, it's obvious because the USA is the rival and since China has many times the USA population it feels to should be the top nation. Anyway, the virus being in Wuhan which "happens to be (how convienent)" where a bio-weapon research place is located, well, that's just too much a "giveaway".
  3. Being against corporations isn't always the best thing. For instance, closing the oil pipeline in the US is causing my nation to be dependent on foreign oil - even from Russia. It's promoting the skyrocket inflation. How is anti-corporate in this instance helping people struggling to make a living?
  4. I don't really see why Scotland and Wales shouldn't be independent. However, then again, they are sort of independent. Well, the USA is composed of states like Texas which seem like they would be good on their own, but they're happy not being so. Anyway, in the past, Scotland and England fought vicious wars. Well, do France and England want to be united?
  5. Some don't trust the vaccine and they have good reason (MRNA, backed by creepy elites with depopulation agendas, many deaths from the vaccine). However, people who support the vaccine see it as "life or death" for society. In that case, there's not much that can be resolved. It's like with abortion. You either think the life before it's born is a fully human being with rights or you don't.
  6. On this board, I'm assuming most major posters are against the truckers. This is basically an anti-vax strike. Anyway, Trudeau, has already instituted extreme measures to combat the situation with many people saying it's government overreach and totalitarianism.
  7. Dumb and Dumber sucked? That's interesting. What are comedies you like? Some conclusions people get I can't understand. For instance, Tommy Boy got two thumbs down from Siskel and Ebert. Oh, well, it's often subjective, but these new Adam Sandler movies are simply lazy on the part of Sandler and the other actors and/or the screenwriters. I don't see how anyone could enjoy them.
  8. Eminem said, "Where are the parents?" and this speaks for all this stuff. Changing society to fix the problems that families can't fix is what people think is the thing to do. Now in some situations, though, I can see that outside help is needed and obviously a lot of families have failed. I don't see, though, how making everything a theocracy is the good move.
  9. Well, no doubt that could be the case. But you can see that property owners are becoming very anti-human these days or maybe they've always been that way. It's all in the name of defending property from threats.
  10. The inflation and gas prices are outrageous with Biden. How can people say Biden is for poor people? Anyway, about crime, I'm just saying that there isn't a strong incentive for families "to provide" with too much government assistance and this leads to one-parent homes which spring out kids who are messed up.
  11. I'm not saying public assistance programs aren't good and I don't think private sources would make up for it. However, though, if people are too dependent on government assistance, then where is the incentive for the family to stay together? If the family is not together, than the kids just don't grow up correctly. Also, on top of this, is the Drug War waged over the decades.
  12. As I said in another thread, Trump wasn't a good choice. Yes, he's an attention getter and charismatic, but overall giving him leadership is the Republicans "selling out". Well, I think one telling thing is Trump's attitude toward veterans and how he thinks dead American soldiers are losers. This is something which cuts to the core of who Trump is.
  13. Yeah, but Democrats have caused so much crime by allowing family breakdown. This breeds crime and creates the situation where many can't vote - because of criminal records. It's something to think about.
  14. I don't think Trump was ever the best guy to run. As a mostly Republican, I think Pence was saner and more likeable. Trump is too elitist. He's too obnoxious and rude. He's too "rich spoiled". I mean, he has golden toilets! The supporters have to ignore so much about him that's obvious.
  15. Death is death. As long as the pain is non-existent, what method shouldn't matter. Well, people claim execution methods are painless, but science seems to say people feel what happens at death. Well, basically, I think the death penalty proves nothing, is hypocritical, and is barbaric, but that's for another thread.
  16. Seriously, you can't school morals. It's a private affair, just like religion (school prayer etc.). If the family isn't teaching that racism is bad, then hope is lost no matter how many Roots movies are shown at school.
  17. I think some laws are ridiculous. For instance, in Virginia you get a six-month mandatory minimum for assaulting a cop - "no matter if it's just simply slapping a cop". However, all the people in favor of law and order will get behind the law. It looks tough and gets politicians elected.
  18. My views are mostly conservative. However, my few progressive views are very strong, so that pretty much would eliminate me getting a podcast. Basically, my overall outlook is just too liberal for conservatives and too conservative for liberals.
  19. No, we can't deny Covid isn't a threat. I even got it a week before. It's no joke. Nonetheless, though, there are legitimate reasons to be highly distrustful of the vaccine. Well, maybe the woman shouldn't have been so naive and perhaps had taken some vitamins etc. for some natural defense. It's very sad about her situation.
  20. I agree with the anti-vaxxers. This whole vaccine movement comes across as self-righteous. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies aside from getting abortions etc.
  21. Yeah, and that's ironic the US ended up having to go into a world war and defeat them. Well, that's why I don't want to pick on Germans. Racism is a universal thing. I mean, you can find hardcore antisemites in the U.K. However, to non-German nations' credit, the populations simply didn't give into racism to the point Germans did. Nonetheless, I think a lot of Allied policies after World War I fueled it, like rubbing it into Germany. In that case, so much of the people were in poverty and that bred extremism and especially when the Great Depression hit, it was the nail in the coffin.
  22. I find this ludicrous, considering Henrich Himmler flat out admitted it in a large, well-known speech. In that case, why do these hate groups keep insisting on this lie? Anyway, if things went over again, considering how much they hate Jews, why wouldn't they do it, again?
  23. I used to go to church a lot. In fact, I favor a lot of conservative beliefs. However, I think religion is a thing that should be pushed by families, not the state. What is it the state's business? However, a lot of churchgoers will go on social media saying, if only school prayer was back, we wouldn't have moral decay.
  24. Actually, you can often make more money with blue-collar trades. However, our society has shunned blue-collar stuff for a long time, pushing expensive student debt on people that for many hasn't even paid off. Well, at least if you're going to college, why not force students to pick profitable majors - if they're borrowing or getting a grant from the government? Also, maybe there should be more grade accountability.
  25. Some people don't want images forced into their mind about music. In fact, Pearl Jam quit making videos for this reason. However, though, some people might quickly forget the images. For instance, if I see hip-hop videos, I can easily forget the video and associate the music with my own fantasy. Anyway, we see a similar argument about movies and books the movies are based on. Some say the book is better cause you don't get the director's interpretation covering your own.
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