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  1. Anti-Vaxxers argue the vaccine wasn't tested. Shouldn't they at least test it? Also, the vaccine has killed perfectly normal individuals. Is this the norm with vaccines?
  2. Believe me. The rich and middle class seem to generalize poverty the way I explained. They have nearly no sympathy for the poor - unless they are some "pets" who kiss up to them personally.
  3. The baby has feelings also. However, pro-choice people do not accept it's worthy of full protection under the law - unless the mom agrees. That's pretty much why these debates don't go anywhere.
  4. There are several chains in the US like Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar General. Do you shop there often? What do you get? Do you feel that everything isn't priced at a dollar as much as it seems it should be? How do you compare these stores to bigger ones?
  5. The rich and middle class are convinced the poor are lazy, thieves and on drugs. That's the consensus I get. Yeah, I believe that's false but a lot of people bask in this fantasy because it justifies their guilt-free money.
  6. Jayson

    Play vs watch

    I can somewhat watch an American football game. Nonetheless, for nearly all sports I need to participate as either a live participant or on a video game. Otherwise, I can't get into it. Now, I'm not sure if betting money could improve the fun of watching a game. I haven't gotten into that.
  7. Does this include masturbation? Yes, you can live without sex, but not food. Perhaps you could live without masturbation.
  8. How different is the British and Australian accent? I can tell some difference. Is the accent in Australia and New Zealand different?
  9. I know several people who talk down to people like they are the boss. Do you tolerate this stuff? Well, it could be tolerable if you actually work for them. Anyway, if I talked to people this way, people would throw rocks in my window. Obviously, people with this attitude live in a bubble, sheltered from a lot of people who would not put up with their mouth.
  10. Some people are Marine Corps clean and want to rub it in on people who are less than that - even if it's only somewhat less. In other words, totally clean is the only good answer. Anyway, though, looking at my own times of being sloppy, I don't respect seeing this in other people which is hypocritical. I've also seen incredibly dirty places where it was just too disgusting to stay that long. O.K., well, I'd like to be clean but if others are there it's a two or more-person job. Anyhow, I just don't have the mindset like some people to organize things that well. Once things are unorganized then things gradually devolve into being dirty. How can you stay on top of the game with organization?
  11. I think everybody understands that beginners start out easier on weights. I was just saying there is this idea that gyms are full of bullies who want to attack - for whatever reason. For instance, there might be people who just come across as not being "gym types".
  12. An unborn child whose "life" is dependent on the mom, as in she can take it deliberately with no legal consequences, isn't no different than Roman slaves who could be legally killed by their master. The unborn kid, again, is at the mercy of the mom - who allows the kid to live like someone who doesn't squash a bug out of kindness. See how this is just morally terrible?
  13. I don't think a lot of whites really comprehend how non-white the world is and how so much of it is shockingly poor. American whites don't really comprehend simply being born in America is a huge advantage, even if poor. Well, a lot of Eastern European nations are rather poor, but again, there's the "Western European and American" advantage. The rich and middle class in America, in general, keep blaming the American poor for being poor. Now, since American poor communities are plagued with drug use and types of irresponsibility, it's an easy target.
  14. Well, I'm American but I can understand Putin's position, though, I don't agree with his Mafia tactics over the years. Well, Russia needs a buffer zone. The French and the Germans took advantage of Russia's flat eastern territory to tear the nation to near ruin. In that case, Putin does not want Ukraine in NATO. However, though, what is independence if it's not "real independence"? Anyway, I just don't feel nuclear war is worth it over this situation.
  15. Unlike leaders whom some claim are immature, leaders like Putin are very capable and tough. Nonetheless, they are also tyrannical. I suppose a good leader could show some hold off some thuggish tendencies - cause it can go too far. Nonetheless, Putin has built up Russia from the 90s when it was beaten down so bad. I can't really blame him. However, though, could a truly democratic leader - as in they don't resort to Mafia tactics, done the same?
  16. Tons of people dislike Trudeau as some rich, soft, spoiled brat - because well, he has never done "real working class" work before and he was never in the military or police. However, is that a real reason to dislike a leader? Now, finally, he has been accused of calling people in the Trucker protests Nazis, when in his, I guess, boyish immaturity, had put on blackface a couple of times in the past. Well, once in India, he dressed up like traditional Indians, and some article was saying it was goofy and condescending, you know like most of the privileged liberals (being sarcastic). I think a lot of the criticism against him is like what you see against Arthur Bach in the movie Arthur. It's basically the same thing. Well, what he says comes from such a childish mind that we cannot really get offended by it.
  17. Well, I'm not really sure if the above thing is offensive. I could see how some might compare it to some blackface thing, but I don't know, the anti-Cleaveland thing just seems like people being "too sensitive". Anyway, if that logo seemed too goofy and comical, maybe disrespectful, then why not a more serious logo?
  18. Of course, I'm not speaking of some underground stuff not heard on the radio. Well, as of right now, that Snoop Dogg song "Subwoofer" seems to be. Who has heard it? What is some other good song?
  19. I often notice the songs and often they are quite good. Also, the intro songs like at the beginning of sitcoms are often very good too. They are big thing in making the "brand name" around the show/movie.
  20. Could it be the song "Neon Moon" by Brooks and Dunn? There are these clips of people doing sexy dances to it. Who has seen them?
  21. It seems like videos have fallen out of fashion, at least outside of hip-hop. It just isn't like the 80s. I wonder why that's the case? Is it really the case?
  22. The unborn baby under pro-choice rules only has rights if the mom gives it rights. That makes it a slave or the worst sort. I mean, I'm talking life or death. Anyway, though, once the baby is born, suddenly, it has full rights, and the mom, and rightly so, is held under harsh scrutiny over anything she does. Well, think about it. I suppose in a pro-choice favored area, someone could hit a pregnant woman and she could choose or not choose to press charges and, of course, she can abort the baby. What a contrast that is to after the baby is born.
  23. Well, such a situation is tolerable minus tyranny. Obviously, Scots and others in the past didn't want any outside rule cause the experience must have been oppressive. Anyway, Ireland has felt that it should have no foreign rule at all - and that's a respectable decision.
  24. But what about the unborn babies? I mean, assuming the woman isn't mentally incapicated, why did she choose to bring a life into the world without responsiblitly? Should the woman and the man, for that matter, be accountable?
  25. Well, people in America know the context of the word Indians and the Indian logo. They put two and two together. I don't see how Indians from India would be offended unless they had mental issues. Taking Native Americans totally out of the public sphere isn't a good thing. Yeah, people being oversensitive over everything ruins it for legit cases of racism. In those cases, like with "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", nobody would believe the victims.
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