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  1. I think an option of light or dark is good for any forum. However, which to make the default? Well, dark would work just as well - but it seems "too gothic" for what I am trying to across. But it's all subjective anyway.
  2. Jayson

    Barry Manilow

    A lot of people probably try to equate Barry Manilow with James Taylor - but I don't see the connection. Anyhow, I like plenty of "dorky music" - like The 5th Dimension, Bread, Air Supply - James Taylor.
  3. I like dark for all my websites, including business. Anyway, even though I like it, I wouldn't always use it, though. I mean, sometimes I want to be different - and I think dark is bad for my religious forum.
  4. I like James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight". Also, I like Glenn Miller, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Snoopy stuff, lol. Anyhow, I cannot name a song I like the most, though. O.K. here is more that stands out to me: String of Pearls by Glenn Miller, Snoopy Theme Song, the skating song on one of the Snoopy movies.
  5. Just type in "buy traffic" into a search engine. Anyway, as you were saying with registration, you can keep bots out. However, I'd like to add that "making the registrants answer a backward question" often works (ex: What is the gray spelled backward?).
  6. I see what you mean, a little. Myself, I have scoliosis, so I can only do "so much" weight lifting. Nonetheless, I think most people can do - at the least, an adequate workout.
  7. Yeah, that's true. But I was referring to people "actually buying bot traffic". You see that everywhere. It's that super-cheap stuff - like 1000 visitors for a dollar. 😂
  8. Well, actually, free forums can be quite complex and I don't know of any premium blog software (Complex WordPress sites are on a free software.). Anyway, what I'm hinting at is - free can be complex, depending on the skill of the developer. I mean, Iv'e seen very advanced MyBB forums.
  9. Any ideas? Well, if I had one, I would use Facebook Groups and Pages. I would grow a social media following on them - or maybe some other platform, and then drive them to the website. Anyway, some types of traffic I would not consider. For instance, some of it is just bots or coming from annoying and/or misleading ads (pop-unders, redirected traffic).
  10. If you had to make one, how would you do it? How would you design it? What forum and/or blog software would you use? O.K. some might just say "Copy VGR, lol", but are there any different ideas?
  11. I had major problems with internet usage, not gaming. I was a teacher - and so much time in-between classes was on the internet. O.K. looking back, I should have not looked at any internet - cause it was giving me a very bad rep!
  12. Much of the west is "too rested". Nonetheless, we cannot blame gaming, computers, TV, sedentary jobs etc.. I mean, the bottom line is that people need to "balance out" things; make time for working out. Nonetheless, though, working out takes a lot of time. I mean, a good workout - including the hour cardio, takes at least 2 hours a day - and that's not including driving and dressing time. Any thoughts?
  13. Jayson


    Well, prisons are still incredibly violent - despite all the "steam let out" via working out. Nonetheless, you're talking about hardened sociopaths - the worst of the worst. How would that even compare to a school?
  14. Most gaming sites seem to be dark. In fact, most seem to be black. Well, this site is blue. Anyway, what do you prefer for a gaming site (forum or blog)? O.K. who owns a gaming site?
  15. Most everything in politics is "petty" nowadays. For instance, has anyone ever considered Trump is just "joking around" when he says bonehead comments (racist etc..). There's a good chance of it. I mean, he just gave Tiger Woods a presidential medal!
  16. I played it. I was a kid in the 1980s (was born in 1976). Nonetheless, I remember little of it. However, I do like the modern Donkey Kong games a lot!
  17. Jayson

    CPU over heating

    Of course, you can never go wrong with adding more fans. In fact, a computer generally can handle any amount of cold, except maybe sci-fi scenarios - lol, but not much heat. However, though, my computer, not a gaming one, has never overheated - but it has got hot enough to signal the fans inside (to go into hyper-drive).
  18. I have a pre-built PC, not a gaming one. Anyway, I'm not keen on really knowing if custom is better than pre-built. Anyway, I certainly want a gaming one - because the better graphics and memory is suitable for 3D art creation (one of my hobbies).
  19. I've heard this excuse online: "We didn't do anything to them (imperialism etc.) so we don't owe them anything.". That's an excuse some Asians were giving on this ultra-nationalist forum (in response to backward views about blacks). However, no, that's not excuse for bigotry, hate, and ignorance.
  20. As noted in some other rants, it seems like nothing is good now in rock, pop, or rap. There are no super-groups as in the past. It just seems that way! O.K. what is to blame? Well, could it be music downloads? I mean, it takes away the incentive to make music - as it just isn't the same as before the internet took over.
  21. Jayson

    Country Music

    There are some good super-groups in country pop (what is called country) - but I see/hear nothing in the other generes - as noted in my other thread. I mean, there was something breathtaking - like U2, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin - surely we'd hear about it!
  22. Some people are claiming country pop is being passed as country. Now, while I agree that is the case, that doesn't mean it's bad, necessarily - only that "country pop" should have a different name - not country. Anyway, at least country pop doesn't sound that bad - and I haven't heard anything at all interesting in other genres, generally. I mean, what? Nickleback? Another hard rock Phil Collins or George Michael remake?
  23. Well, to be honest, lol - plenty of people say those things - who aren't famous. I mean, there are guys on Facebook - basically speaking to people as though they're Greek gods. Constant unwanted fatherly advice from them, more political stuff they probably wouldn't say to someone's face etc.. - often under the cover of humor, of course.. Well, I won't say this stuff is always harassment; there is an audience. Also, I'm not crying like a snowflake, only noting how irritatingly preachy it is.
  24. Not being a goody-two-shoes, but I don't like doing things illegally. I mean, I won't say I haven't downloaded things illegally before - but, as a rule - I don't really like it. Anyway, one fear is getting caught - and the other ones relate to simply "the cheating of people". I mean, people have to make a living - and if the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn't want it done to me.
  25. That's what the ones - other than Game Stop - appear to be doing. Maybe a personal relationship with clients would make up. People like places - where they like and know the owners.
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