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  1. There is a lot of talk of welfare cheats and bums. O.K., how much truth is there to this - and how much is it jerks "rubbing it in" to those who were unsuccessful in life? Myself, I think a lot of people made bad choices and need to grow up and start with a winning plan. However, though, while they are getting their game back in order, they need to be respected. Anyway, though, if people are on welfare, it's really rude to comment, even with the fact that "taxpayers" front the bill for food stamps etc.. People should just mind their own business, at least in personal dealings with others.
  2. The fact the fetus will die anyway isn't always the case. Maybe it's not even the most common case. It's simply murder to terminate pregnancies.
  3. Hopefully Putin will cave in. However, there is a lot of Russian pride and saving face at stake. It's a very likely scenario that they become like North Korea for a few years or a decade. However, the population has had extreme exposure to the west for 30 years. That's gotta have a big effect.
  4. This is really extreme irresponsibility. No, there is no rape or incest going on in these cases. What happens is the mom and dad get their rocks on and then weasel their way out of the situation - by murdering the unborn baby.
  5. Jayson

    Hair Bands

    What do you mean? Well, the haters of hair bands are saying a similar thing. I don't know. It seems like a lot of glam metal, hair metal, whatever you call it - was about hedonism, not about anything serious.
  6. Jayson


    My dad had a large hobby farm. Myself, I raised chickens for 4-H. It was a lot of fun and also sometimes helping with dad's farm. Anyway, though, it was just for recreation.
  7. Well, call me crazy, the people who weren't aborted are at least still alive, even if they supposedly are very poor or something. Well, a baby is totally innocent. However, it's debatable about people who are struggling in life, not to sound insensitive.
  8. Myself, I use shared hosting because my forum is in a baby stage. I might upgrade to some reseller thing once it gets bigger, since the hosting doesn't have a VPS or dedicated server option. Have you ever used shared?
  9. Would the situation be the same? I don't think it would. Our economy is too dependent on China. In that case, we would be very weak in our handling of it. Yes, it's hypocritical alright!
  10. As of right now, I don't have enough faith that Russia's side of the story is true - and to most people in the world, it seems like a Nazi blitzkrieg invasion of Ukraine. However, though, in disciplining Russia, the world runs into serious problems Well, for one thing Russia has nukes that can demolish the US, not like with North Korea. Also, the nukes can be given to Islamic terrorists. Finally, Russia can bring down the economy of the west with it and also cause, indirectly, a famine in many very poor nations dependent on wheat and fertilizer. However, some say we must always side with right and discipline wrong. Nonetheless, there is reality.
  11. Well, Christianity is about faith, so it's never been about proof anyway. However, why do people need proof of everything? Can everything be proved? Anyway, some scientists have talked about things that seem very Biblical.
  12. Burning it is one idea. However, environmentalists are against global warming. However, how much pollution would it really be? Surely, people burn the same amount with cars over a year or more.
  13. The idea of "surviving an abortion" is so disgusting it should be thrown in with Nazi medical experiments. A baby survives an abortion - and even then, nobody tries to save it. It's sickening.
  14. No, I'm white. Well, I always find it funny that most right-wingers it seems, believe anyone who complains about racism is weak. Now, I'm not saying I am left-wing, but I can understand where people are coming from that are alienated by this ethnocentric viewpoint. Well, I remember this meme on Facebook, where it shows 9/11 and says something like "Remember" and then a black with a whipped back and says, "Get over it". This was sarcastic, of course.
  15. You mean, Johnny wasn't a bully? Well, I'm not an extreme democrat, lol, but those kids pushing Danny's bike off a cliff was extreme and that was just one incident. Well, of course, cops are never called, cause that would make the film so boring - unless the situation lead to more fights, lol.
  16. The worst I experienced was in Korea and oddly enough, the worst I experienced in America was the fact I traveled there. All sorts of people in my area, you'd think would hate blacks, but actually they hate Asians. That's what it seems like. I was called an Asian lover (Well, another word was used) very rudely and quite often. People seem to think all Koreans are North Koreans and all Asians are the slant-eyed enemy. Note: This racism was so bad, that it made me think twice about openly being friends with blacks, but oddly enough, nobody cared about it.
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/bill-maher-mocks-american-pundits-for-making-the-invasion-of-ukraine-all-about-them-video/ar-AAUXlka?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531 Maher was saying that people were making the situation about their own agenda. He was hinting at, well, "What about the fact a country got invaded and nothing else?". Do you feel this war is exploited in selfish ways? ".
  18. I can't see any major differences in any of them, free or paid. Well. paid software has got more stuff "out of the box". However, with free software like MyBB and phpBB mobile ready now - without modification, why pay for software?
  19. There is recently a bill in Maryland supporting non-criminal prosecution for letting newborns die. Now, tell me, who is on the right side of things? Who is evil?
  20. That's very sad. I don't see why we can't rocket that trash to space. It would be worth the fuel.
  21. Tons of people in the USA and abroad disapproved of W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, but there was no supression of freedom of speech. Well, this is America and other countries get away more with bossing their citizens around.
  22. Actually, most Americans approve of interracial marriage. Of course, some large sub-groups hate it like African-American women who resent whites taking their men etc. Anyway, I see mixed couples and mixed kids all the time. Nobody is making a fuss about it and this is southern Appalachia. Well, it's kind of like with how cattle are slaughtered. I try not to think about it. Anyway, if you know how to deal with things correctly, you can avoid a lot of racial conflict.
  23. Some conservatives are more of the "South Park" type or Schwarzenegger type, while others are maybe semi-white supremacist or religious supremacist. I'd say most are somewhere in the middle.
  24. I doubt if much racial discrimination exists. It's more class discrimination these days - and certain groups have a lot of poor people within them.
  25. I haven't really paid attention much to the other ones. In fact, I've barely watched them. Anyway, the first one was incredible. I think most moviegoers would agree.
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