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  1. This is basically where the placement of major brands is just too obvious. Now, I don't know if companies are getting a payoff for this, but they probably are. Anyway, seeing a blatant placement of KFC on "Grown Ups" is just so goofy. How do you feel about product placements? I think they are obnoxious on movies.
  2. I don't use any apps. Nonetheless, they would be highly helpful in saving money on fast food. For instance, you can get some good deals at McDonalds, a place that otherwise, sodas aside, is just too expensive.
  3. I believe in some social reforms a lot, or most conservatives hate like forgetting the U.S. Confederacy as far as the public sphere is concerned. However, on a lot of other subjects I favor anti-progressivism. I feel like people need to change first. Society cannot change people. For instance, broken homes have destroyed the inner city cause social programs are anti-the-traditional family.
  4. They don't trust the vaccine. Well, Bill Gates is a big supporter of vaccines and supports it - and he is into a depopulation agenda. In fact, with research, his whole situation is even more sinister and creepy. There have been some deaths of fairly healthy people from the vaccine, so some just feel it's not worth it to get one and that's one fact also. However, the bottom line is that people feel their medical freedom is threatened. Why should people's jobs be dependent on it? That seems like fascism to some people. I don't see how this relates to racism and if racist groups are anti-vaccine, that's just a coincidence.
  5. The fact is that people like Bill Gates and Ted Turner are buying up so much land. Well, I don't know about Ted Turner but he probably is. Anyhow, those who own the land basically rule everyone who don't. That was the lesson from the Middle Ages.
  6. This is a tough one. Well, one thing about smoking is that some people want to smoke around kids. However, how can you police this without 1984 totalitarianism? It would just be great if people had better morals. Well, people who smoke around kids often think probably that those who oppose it are PC goody-two-shoes. It's a culture problem.
  7. It's difficult to tell which people will become monsters, I mean, unless you can see the future like in the Stephen King book "The Dead Zone". Anyway, it's interesting to note that though history, preemptive war is fed by paranoia of "They are going to get us, if we don't get them.". In fact, the Nazis wanted to eliminate Jews cause the government convinced it's military and police that the Jews wanted to "get the Germans".
  8. Do you feel it is necessary and how much? Myself, I don't like banning guns, but I feel like the mentally ill and criminals should have have laws against them getting one, which they do, but I don't think they are enforced good enough. Anyhow, it's tragic that people die from guns, but maybe society should cure other major problems which could be big factors in causing these deaths.
  9. Planet Fitness makes a note of being a gym for people who hate gyms, but why shouldn't people be tough enough to handle normal gyms? Well, myself, I admit gyms can be obnoxious. In fact, they are goofy environments as much as portrayed on one Beevis and Butthead parody. Nonetheless, words and looks are just that. Why should that bother those who don't fit in at gyms?
  10. Jayson


    I'd like to get back into doing dumbbells, at least at home. I don't like gyms that much cause of the obnoxious environment. Anyway, I've never wanted to get buff or anything. I just like the way it feels and to get slightly toned looking.
  11. Yeah, billiards is fun along with miniature golf. They are my favorite "good times" sports, or whatever you call them. I'd like to get good at them for sure. Probably a person could make some good money in tournaments.
  12. I missed this Super Bowl. I see that Kansas City was in it. However, they didn't make it all the way to the next one, but almost did.
  13. I've never attempted actual golf, but miniature golf seems way more fun. Anyway, I highly enjoy it. I wonder what the most fun miniature golf courses are and where they're located.
  14. American Football would be incredibly interesting. However, it doesn't have a big enough worldwide following, I think. Well, Canada has a Football league. I don't know of other countries.
  15. What is good watching and what is good playing is way different. For instance, I can't stand baseball to watch, but love to play it. Anyway, American Football is the most exciting for me to watch.
  16. Jayson

    Super Bowl 2022

    I was upset the Bengals didn't win, but it seemed like both teams were underdogs in a way. Both teams seemed like newbies to winning the overall championship. Anyway, it was a hard fought and close game, one worth watching.
  17. The first civil war wasn't so justified cause of slavery. However, a 2nd one might be something to get behind. However, in the first one, it would be tough to bear arms against your hometown and local people. That was the dilemma of Robert E. Lee and why he chose the southern side.
  18. This was an animated series that was funny as crap. It involved Jay Sherman, a TV critic (voice: Jon Lovitz) who was this loveable born loser. Anyway, the show only ran for a few years, but I feel it was underrated and should have stayed on longer. It just didn't last as long as The Simpsons, unfortunately.
  19. In fact, not only critics may have hated, but often most people. Well, I liked Cabin Boy and thought it was funny as crap, but I guess that's just my weird sense of humor. What are some movies you got something out of that nobody else did? Why do you feel that was the case?
  20. What is the formula? I think it has to do with the writing of the screenplay and the actor's delivery on it. In fact, even awesome special effects can't save a poorly written/acted movie.
  21. One bad one was Seargeant Peppers Hearts Club Band (1978), but I always liked it as a kid. Another bad one was Popeye, which I also liked as a kid and also now. I fail to see what was bad about Popeye. I thought the soundtrack was O.K. and Robin Williams was born to play Popeye. Anyone know of bad musicals according to critics and yourself? The critics didn't like the films I mentioned so I said they were bad.
  22. I always liked Bill Murray's performance in Scrooged and the overall movie. It was very heartwarming and funny. It was a good adaptation to modern times, well at least the 80s, of the book.
  23. Some make you wonder why they would have wasted up to a million dollars or more on each film making them. What were they thinking? Why can't people spot this bad stuff while it's being filmed? Some bad movies that I think are bad and most critics would agree are: "Johnston Family Vacation", "Grown Ups", Probably "Grown Ups 2" (Haven't seen it.). Who can add to the list?
  24. Some mainstream stuff is very good. I don't want to be some elitist alternative snob, lol. However, it is true that people should give underground stuff a chance - cause, well, a lot of mainstream stuff isn't so great.
  25. There are no genres I dislike, but there are always some bad songs. As I said in another thread, some people are just doing sentimental music wrong. Also, there are rockers doing anti-sentimentality wrong. It all comes across as dorky and bad to listen to. Here's an example from Def Leppard: 🤮
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